Compulsory Health Treatment: prerequisites, proposal and bureaucratic process and extra-hospital TSO.

TSO: proposal and validation, bureaucratic process and Mandatory Health Treatment. What are the prerequisites? Which law governs it? TSO is an acronym that indicates the Mandatory medical treatment, legal institution child of the law 180/78 also known as Basaglia law but regulated by article 33 of law 833/78. This law provides that some health treatments … Read more

Astic warns about new border collapses due to Brexit due to the lack of coordination of bureaucratic procedures between countries

There are new risks in transport derived from Brexit according to Astic. The International Road Transport Association, Astic, has warned its associates in a note of the risk of new kilometer lines of trucks and of the possible inattention of drivers professionals as has already happened in Calais and Dover. For Astic, the ports of … Read more

The Brexit deal creates a bureaucratic bottleneck for carriers

Carriers that carry trucks from the European Union to the United Kingdom They have more customs procedures since the arrival of Brexit, which became effective on January 1. This situation generates a bureaucratic jam whereby many carriers are forced to turn around without having done their job or wait several hours and even days to … Read more