The body of Diska Putri, a girl wearing Doraemon’s pants, was buried in front of her house

The tears don’t stop. Dian cried last night lamenting the departure of Diska Putri. One hope he has, that the perpetrators of the murder will be immediately arrested. “When the perpetrators were caught, they were punished as fairly as possible, as much as possible,” said Dian during an interview at her home in Cimanggu Village, … Read more

“There have already been three deaths here”: Iwona, the cyclist who died in a collision with a car in Forest, will be buried in Poland

Bouquets of flowers at the foot of a wooden post are reminiscent of the tragic accident that claimed the life of 30-year-old cyclist Iwona. The residents are moved and ask the authorities for measures to avoid these accidents. A few meters after the Berkendael stop, avenue Albert in Forest, flowers and candles were placed at … Read more

Treasure room key found in Norway

Photo: Still from video An interesting find was discovered in the cathedral There was also a note in the cache, dated 1830, with the text: “Whoever finds this key, you know, it is from a secret room where about 500 kg of gold are buried.” During restoration work in a Lutheran cathedral in the city … Read more

Russia: Moscow is buried. “Snow Apocalypse” in the Russian capital [ZDJĘCIA]

Śnieżyce started on Thursday afternoon and – according to forecasts – is to last until Sunday. Precipitation is accompanied by strong winds and low temperatures of minus 15 degrees C. According to the meteorological services, the snow layer in the city on Friday reached 60 cm and was higher than the record from 1973. The … Read more

They buried him without a heart: case of dead miner in sub-police station closes in millionaire compensation | National

With an indemnity of more than 200 million pesos, the civil lawsuit to repair the damage caused by the death of Luis Guillermo Beiza, a miner from the Llay Llay commune, was found dead on June 3, 2013 in a prison cell. the sub-police station of the commune. The confusing case, which was initially treated … Read more

Avalanche accident in Tyrol: German teenager (16) buried under snow – dead | Regional

Innsbruck (Austria) – Mountain rescue services, police and sniffer dogs searched for the teenager (16) for two hours. By the time he was finally found, it was too late. The native of Munich had an accident in an avalanche in Kühtai. The boy was with two friends (14 and 15) in the Neunerkogel area. also … Read more

Recalculating: Microsoft buried its chatbot dead – MDTech

What seemed like a revolutionary project was left only in a suspended patent and a cancellation: Microsoft gave up on creating his chatbot to speak to ghosts in the face of criticism he received, where he was described as disturbing. It should be noted that the idea of ​​this chatbot to converse with “present or … Read more

Dramatic overturn: she was declared dead from COVID and buried, but returned home 10 days later | Society

Media in Spain reported an unusual case that occurred to Rogelia Blanco, woman who was declared dead from coronavirus, veiled by her family and even buried. However, the story took a shocking turn when, a few days ago, she returned home fully recovered. According to the newspaper The voice of Galicia, it all started on … Read more

Larry Kings buried two of his children, Hollywood, shortly before his death

On July 28 last year, King’s son, 65-year-old Andy Kings, passed away, and on August 20, his 51-year-old daughter, Chaya, passed away. “Andy died unexpectedly, with a heart attack, but Chaya (..) – shortly after she was diagnosed with lung cancer,” Kings revealed last year, adding: “Losing them both is so wrong. No parent has … Read more

[영상] 11 miners buried in a gold mine in China, revived dramatically in two weeks

Eleven miners buried in a Chinese gold mine explosion were dramatically rescued within two weeks of the outbreak. Chinese rescue authorities found and rescued a miner on the morning of the 24th, and immediately transported it to the hospital, and in the afternoon it rescued three more and seven more. The miners escaped to the … Read more