This idea of ​​Hitler’s is still considered one of the biggest mysteries of the Second World War: is there really a train with Nazi gold buried under the mountains of Poland?

Here in 1943, when the Third Reich began to lose its war, A. Hitler ordered the construction of a complex of underground tunnels, also known as Project Riese (German for “giant”). This huge, secretive and completely secret operation was one of Hitler’s most ambitious plans. Until now, little is known about this project and its … Read more

Video/ Elderly woman was rescued from death after her son buried her for 3 days

Beijing / Gulf 365 A 79-year-old woman has escaped certain death after her son buried her alive in an abandoned tomb for three days in a province in China. In the video, horrific footage appears of the moment when the police recorded the woman named Wang from the hole. The police detained The woman’s son, … Read more

Died Saturday, buried Sunday: why was Daniel Levi buried so quickly?

The singer-star of the Ten Commandments died this Saturday August 6 from colon cancer…. And was buried immediately after, on Sunday. A particularly short time since the ceremony took place the day after the death of Daniel Levi. Usually, the burial is organized a few days or even a week after the disappearance. What justifies … Read more

Only one person in the world knows where Freddie Mercury is buried. This is why the singer wanted to keep it a secret

Freddie Mercury is still among the biggest stars and legends today. When he died in 1991 after a brutal battle with AIDS, it hit the music world hard. To this day, no one knows where the singer is buried, except for his ex-girlfriend. Why did Freddie decide it had to remain a secret? Only Mary … Read more

buried reputation Khamatova received good news from Russia

Chulpan Khamatova should not worry about her reputation, because she will help the artist earn extra money. The Russians will gladly pay their hard-earned money for a new film with a star, the film critic has no doubts. Alexander Shpagin reminded the portal BLITZ+that in recent years there has not been a case when an … Read more

In a chilling incident.. a young man forgot his phone in a friend’s grave while he was being buried.. and when he called the number, the shocking surprise was that it turns her hair gray!

2022/08/05 It’s 04:40 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Death does not wait for anyone, as it knocks on every door, and does not seek permission to enter, for its entry is sudden, and we must prepare well for such a day. “Death” is a small word that means a lot. It brings fear, terror, … Read more

Hotman Paris attack on Rudi Samin Rice tails buried in the spotlight

Jakarta – JNE attorney, Hotman Paris Hutapeaconfirmed that his party would report Rudi Samin, the man who claimed to be the owner of the land social assistance rice buried in Depok, West Java. Hotman Paris accused Rudi Samin of slander that caused the issue to be in the spotlight. “I’m considering reporting to the police … Read more

Semeru’s Material Buried for 8 Months, Rendy’s Body Finally Found

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 – 11:02 WIB National VIVA – Body Ahmad Rendy Pratama (19), victim eruption Mountain Semeru Last December 2021, it was found after eight months of being buried in Semeru material. Still visible lines of sadness, Mulyani, Rendy’s mother, told of the discovery of Rendy’s body, which for eight months had not … Read more