Jair Bolsonaro raised his voice for the burning of churches in Santiago

The President of Brazil blamed “left groups” for the sinister religious temples in Santiago. On Sunday, October 18, the first anniversary of the Social Outbreak in our country was commemorated, where thousands of protesters took the opportunity to take to the streets of the capital again to express their discontent with the Government of Sebastián … Read more

Archdiocese of Santiago condemned the burning of churches

“Violence is bad, and whoever sows violence reaps destruction, pain and death. Let us never justify any violence,” said Celestino Aós. The Archbishop of Santiago, Celestino Aós, regretted that two churches in the capital have been destroyed and burned in the midst of the demonstrations that took place in the framework of the 18-O commemoration. … Read more

Guillermo Teillier asks to “investigate and convict” those responsible for the burning of churches in Santiago | National

The president of Communist Party (PC), Guillermo Teillier, referred this Monday to the most violent incidents left by the anniversary of October 18 in the Metropolitan region. In conversation with Radio Bío Bío, the deputy stressed – yes – that most of the demonstrations were peaceful. “For me, yesterday was a day of peaceful demonstration… … Read more

Bolsonaro denounced “cristofobia” by condemning the burning of the two churches in Chile

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, condemned the church burning San Francisco de Borja de Carabineros and La Asunción parish During the afternoon of Sunday, the day in which a commemoration of 18-O was held. Through his Twitter account, the Brazilian president attached the photo of a woman who poses inside the enclosure while it … Read more

Benito Baranda lamented the burning of churches in Santiago Centro during the commemoration of October 18

Benito Baranda, founder of Solidarity America and former social director of Home of christ, spoke with the program “Talking at home”From YouTube regarding the political-social crisis that Chile has been experiencing since October 18, 2019, just in the first year of commemoration of the fact. Regarding this issue, The psychologist revealed that they called him … Read more

From peaceful protest to the burning of churches

Complying with a certain social distance, people began to come to the areas near Plaza Italia, the area of ​​social mobilizations, around 11 in the morning. They were the first signs of a day that reached its climax during the afternoon, when the sector was full of protesters, who with flags, flares and drums gathered … Read more

Buying votes, armed commandos, burning of polls, illegal calls to vote: what the election day left in Hidalgo and Coahuila

After the day, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Electoral Institute (INE) declared that with 100% of the 7,702 polls installed in the states, only incidents were recorded in one of them (Photo: Moisés Pablo / Darkroom) The electoral journey of this Sunday in the Mexican states of Hidalgo Y Coahuila was not exempt … Read more

Archbishop of Santiago and burning of churches: “Enough of violence, let’s not justify the unjustifiable” | National

The Archbishop of Santiago, Monsignor Celestino Aós, released a heartfelt message regarding the vandalization of two churches on the anniversary of October 18. On the one hand, it is the San Francisco de Borja Church, an institutional temple of the Carabineros that was looted by protesters and where a fire later started. On the other … Read more

An elderly man arrested for burning containers and dealing drugs

The Municipal Police Sabadell he has arrested yet old man of 70 years accused of burn containers in the capital of Valleys and drug dealing. As reported in a statement, at 3:29 pm on Saturday, January 12, on the street of Buenos Aires, the intentional fire of three containers began, according to a witness to … Read more

Stabilized a fire in Trasmiras (Ourense) after burning six hectares

OURENSE, 22 (EUROPA PRESS) A forest fire in the Ourense municipality of Trasmiras has been stabilized since 7.11 p.m. this Saturday after burning about six hectares of trees and open forest. According to the Ministry of Rural Affairs to Europa Press, the fire started at 4.35 pm in the parish of Vilar de Lebres. Five … Read more