Astronomers discover the unexpected origin of a fast radio burst

Scientific exploit reveals new data from fast radio bursts 1:13 (CNN) — More than 15 years after fast radio bursts were discovered, new research has revealed and deepened the mystery of the sources of these deep space phenomena. Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are bright, powerful emissions of radio waves that range from a fraction … Read more

Peter got out of control, burst a piñata with Diego’s face and Francesca discovered a secret

Peter (Adolfo Chuiman) he attended Richard Jr.’s party and enjoyed the final show in which he had to pop the piñata. Seeing the boy who wore the face of Diego Montalbán, the butler took the plunger and hit it hard until it was destroyed. Francesca (Yvonne Frayssinet) She watched the whole situation from the Gonzales’ … Read more

Maxim Galkin, who released a new video, received a huge burst of criticism: why spoil the children’s future?

With their son Harris and daughter Liza attending school, the singer has made it clear that she has no plans to leave the country just yet. The family filmed a cozy video report about how the little ones are getting ready for school. This video report was published by M. Galkinas on his account. True, … Read more

Football, Politics | Tottenham burst into overtime – stand trouble in Marseille

It did not sparkle from Tottenham, and a draw looked for a long time to be a good result for both teams. But Paulinho wanted it differently. He punished Tottenham, who fell asleep on a corner after well over 90 minutes. The header went into the net. Not long after, the hosts scored again with … Read more

Pilot announces queen’s death on British Airways flight, stewardesses burst into tears- Corriere TV

(LaPresse) A video showing the crew of a volo British Airways burst into tears at the announcementgiven by the pilot, of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The images were spread on Twitter from the account of @mcapiraso, a passenger on the flight that departed from Jfk in New York, who captured the exact moment … Read more

Real estate price bubbles formed in Europe may soon burst: recession will reduce prices

A recession will lower prices Luminor Chief Economist Žygimantas Mauric said that good news awaits those planning to purchase real estate in other countries. According to him, the coming recession may lower real estate prices. “I think there is a very high probability that the recession will reduce real estate prices, especially in certain countries … Read more

What is your offer? Your marriage is now in my hand: Prithvi burst out laughing at the wedding venue

Prithviraj’s revelation at young filmmaker Vishakh Subramaniam’s engagement ceremony created laughter. With the introduction that there is a small story behind the marriage of Vishakh and his fiancée Advaita, Prithviraj told the incident that happened before the marriage was decided. Prithviraj’s words: “I know Advaita’s family before. Before taking the decision to confirm Vishakh and … Read more

The abscess has burst: the first suspensions for match-fixing in the A League | Sports

Cannon fodder “Jonava”, which was admitted to the A League after four years, became the laughing stock of the country’s club football this year. The club of Central Lithuania is loved by everyone who is not lazy. In 23 matches, the people of Iona collected just two points, scored 7 goals and conceded 73. The … Read more

– Bladder burst – ended up in a coma

Father-of-two Connor Pleasance (26) from Yorkshire in England became so ill at the beginning of June that he decided to go to the emergency department. He was sent on to the doctors at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. There it was quickly discovered that he had pneumonia and that his gallbladder was ruptured. The local newspaper … Read more