Uninvited to Elizabeth II’s funeral, Russian propaganda bursts with anger: blackmails the queen with footage of a feature film

In a special live broadcast of the “Rossija1” TV channel, the host of the show, O. Skabeeva, did not regret the injury. “So that you all understand what Elizabeth was really like. The pictures show the queen in her youth. This is how she fed the children of enslaved African nations. Look at this “goodness” … Read more

Li Jiaqi’s “Little Forest for Two” started broadcasting Li Tiantian’s incarnation of Yu Meiren’s love assists and bursts of laughter – Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Li Jiaqi’s “Little Forest for Two” starts broadcasting Li Tiantian’s incarnation of Yu Meiren’s love assists and bursts of laughter Starring Yu Shuxin and Zhang Binbin, and starring Li Jiaqi and Ding Guansen, the original forest decompression love drama “A Small Forest for Two” will be broadcast exclusively on Youku on September 15. … Read more

Furci. Francilia “bursts” on the stage of Cateno De Luca: sparks between the two

The electoral campaign in the Ionian is ignited. The unscheduled event in Piazza “S. Cuore”, crowded with citizens from all over the area FURCI SICULO – Unscheduled last night during the meeting of Cateno De Luca, candidate for the presidency of the Region, in piazza “S. Cuore ”in Furci Siculo, crowded with citizens from all … Read more

Comments on: “I’m sick of stacking my dudes!” the occupier bursts into tears about what is happening in eastern Ukraine

Plutka, the butcher, made Stalin’s mistake again, that is, he prepared for the attack, without thinking about the defense, here is the price, you have to load 200 pieces of rubble and deliver the idea. He hoped to complete the operation in three days, because the occupiers were waiting for the occupiers everywhere, it did … Read more

“I’m tired of piling up my chicks!” the occupier bursts into tears about what is happening in eastern Ukraine

In one of the telephone conversations intercepted and published by the Security Service of Ukraine (UDD), you can hear how a Russian soldier, in a conversation with his wife, cannot control his emotions when answering his spouse’s questions about the situation at the front. If at first the soldier talks about his injury as a … Read more

Her three children arrive in a tuxedo with an engagement ring: she bursts into tears at the restaurant (video)

© Instagram chelseyberryhillphotography Chelseyan American photographer who lives in northern Georgia. Mother of three children, she had an unforgettable moment a few days ago. She was at the restaurant with her companion when her sons dressed the tuxedos entered the establishment. In the seeing walking towards her, Chelsey expressed his surprise before understanding the reason … Read more

Zelensky shakes up Venice, Ukraine bursts into the opening – Culture & Shows

by the correspondent Alessandra Magliaro The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to the French legend Catherine DeneuveAmerican politics and former First Lady Hillary Clinton in the audience, the Netflix staff with the big boss Ted Sarandos to accompany the film White Noise by Noah Baumbach with Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig which opened the Venice … Read more

She bursts out laughing when she learns the name of her sister’s future baby: she is expelled from the baby shower

Choosing a baby name is not always easy, and for many parents it is often difficult to choose between a traditional name and a name that is a little more original. And while it’s important for parents to remember that they are free to choose whatever name they want for their child, there will almost … Read more

Fears disaster if a dam bursts in Pakistan – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The dam was built to last 50 years. – We are 40 years beyond the guaranteed lifetime, says Syed Khursheed Shah, Pakistan’s Minister of Water Resources, to AFP. Water from the River Indus is already gushing over its banks in several places, and unless the Sukkur Barrage can control the flow, a major disaster will … Read more

Inappropriate Drilling Creates Hot Mud Bursts, ESDM Will Sanction Halliburton : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Commission VII DPR RI made annoyed and furious because of the fatal mistakes made by the contractor service company, Halliburton Drilling Systems Indonesia against a number of geothermal drilling activities in the country. The latest incident was a blow out of hot mud and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas at the Sorik Marapi PLTP. … Read more