Fungom Conan buys barbaric intellectual property and more

A new GameSpeed ​​event is around the corner! Learn more about what’s next. Fangcom controlled Conan Barbarian and other popular cultural intellectuals by acquiring a cabinet group. Funcom, based in Oslo, will consolidate assets with its IP Studio Heroic signatures. In addition to Conan, it gets IPs like Modified Year Zero and Solomon Kane. Purchase … Read more

China buys 10 soybean ships from Brazil in the week and cancels purchases in the US…

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) informed, on Wednesday (15), two cancellations of soybean purchases. One of them was from China, with 132,000 tons, and 196,000 tons from undisclosed destinations, and both refer to volumes from the 2021/22 harvest. As with sales, cancellations made on the same day, by the same buyer, with volumes … Read more

Glovo buys Mercadão to boost grocery shopping delivery | Distribution

After the delivery of meals and other items, in small quantities, from diaper packages to pharmaceutical items, Glovo has just expanded its activity to the delivery of larger shopping baskets, such as grocery stores for a week or for a month. For this, the technological platform bought the Portuguese company Mercadão, created in 2018, which … Read more

Vietnam buys 50 million doses of the first Spanish vaccine

The Catalan pharmaceutical company Hipra has signed an agreement for the supply of 50 million doses from the covid-19 vaccine to Vietnam. Once the local clinical studies, which are already in progress, have been completed, and authorization has been obtained from the Vietnamese authorities, the supply would be made effective with the objective of cope … Read more

ex-celebrity Fake girl buys a house for 55 million, but breaks the contract Plus an additional 6.9 thousand baht for electricity bill

ex-celebrity Fake girl buys a house for 55 million, but breaks the contract Plus an additional 6.9 thousand baht for electricity bill At 18.00 on September 12, in front of a house in Ban Klang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Pathum Thani Province, reporters reported that Anusara Chantarangsee, a former celebrity in the 80s, along with Mr. … Read more

“Amanat” launches an infrastructure platform and buys land for 46 million dirhams

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: Amanat Holding Company revealed the purchase and registration of a plot of land in Shakhbout City 15 in Abu Dhabi, with a value of 46 million dirhams. The company said that this acquisition is in line with Amanat’s investment strategy to create infrastructure, which in turn supports the growth pillars of … Read more

Brno Solitea buys Prytanis, another of a number of domestic IT companies

Czech IT holding Solitea buys another local business. This time he acquires a 100% stake in the Brno company Prytanis. He has been developing since the 1990s United Computers, the product was later allocated to a separate entity. Unis has so far been the sole shareholder. Prytanis is an information system for road hauliers, forwarding, … Read more

City Hall buys Åhlénshuset in Uppsala from Axfast

Axfast sells Åhlénshuset in Uppsala to offensive Stadsrum. Thus, Axfast has sold all its properties outside the Stockholm area. Stadsrum Fastigheter acquires the properties Dragarbrunn 23: 1 and Dragarbrunn 23: 3 (Åhlénshuset) in Uppsala from Axfast. Access to the properties will take place on March 5, 2019. The properties are located in central Uppsala by … Read more

Grupo Abegoaria buys Vidigal Wines and reports turnover above 50 million – Wine

Encostas de Alqueva, of the Abegoaria group, announced this Thursday the acquisition of Vidigal Wines, a wine producer that exports more than 90% of its production. The announcement was made by Manuel Bio, the CEO of Encostas de Alqueva. Vidigal Wines is responsible for the Portuguese wine Porta 6, which this year should surpass the … Read more

Bill Gates buys one of the most luxurious hotels in Prague

The investment firm of Microsoft founder Bill Gates will take over a controlling majority in the Canadian luxury hotel chain Four Seasons. Cascade Investment will raise its stake to 71.25 from 47.5 percent. The Four Seasons said this in a statement on Wednesday. Four Seasons operates the hotel in an exposed location in Prague. Cascade … Read more