Neighbors are sure that Buzova was used against Doronina

14 November 2021 14:20 The confrontation between show business and the theater scene continues. Many eminent artists gasped when a new director came to the theater and canceled the sensational production of “The Wonderful Georgian” with the participation of Olga Buzova. Finally, folk favorites can freely express their opinions on everything that happens in the … Read more

Buzova betrayed a true attitude towards Batrutdinov

22 October 2021 11:18 The singer was already thinking about a wedding with a comedian. Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinov have long been suspected of having a romantic relationship. Subscribers are sure that they would be a great couple. Nevertheless, both deny rumors about it. However, there is no smoke without fire. As it turned … Read more

Borodin trampled on friendship with Buzova

October 1, 2021 14:38 Xenia doesn’t like it when people start comparing them. Dom-2 turned Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova into two super popular TV presenters and Instagram divas, but the show could not turn them into best friends. Borodin let slip her attitude towards Buzova. Two perky girlfriends were “invented” by the fans of … Read more

Buzova ridiculed for the decision to enter graduate school at Moscow State University

Larisa Grechikhina The singing presenter decided to get a diploma in history. Olga Buzova. Photo: Global Look Press Olga Buzova decided to conquer the next peak. Singing leading was going to become a historian, and get a diploma in graduate school at Moscow State University. She announced this on her Instagram after watching the new … Read more

Vladimir Soloviev asked Buzova to stop drinking

The former presenter of House 2 Olga Buzova does not stop fighting with her opponents. She recently called TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov an abuser and said that he offends girls. Vladimir Soloviev asked Buzova to stop drinking and went through all the points related to her biography and education. Soloviev noted that the level of … Read more

Bilan, Buzova and Loboda were annealed in Sochi: footage of dances

Dima Bilan, together with Olga Buzova at a musical party in Sochi, sang a duet “Drunk Love” – ​​and, although it was a hint of her recent scandal with sports TV commentator Guberniev, all the “stars” that day seemed to be drunk with love – starting from such respectable gentlemen, like Andrei Makarevich and Alexander … Read more

Turkish chef-millionaire Nusret Goekce fed Buzova with a knife

The TV star admired the personality and tricks of the Turkish star, TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova reported on the Web that she spent an evening on vacation with Turkish restaurateur Nusret Goekce. In his country, the virtuoso chef is a star, he has gained worldwide fame for his unusual culinary techniques. A romantic … Read more

Buzova confirmed pregnancy from the cook and gathered at the registry office

Olga Buzova was filmed in the company of some attractive brunette. Fans immediately expressed their assumptions about this photo, it even came to suspicion of pregnancy. In response, the star of the television project “Dom-2” responded positively to these words and even announced that she was going to get married. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper … Read more