Olga Buzova said that she was preparing to leave Russia for a long time

The star complained that she did not have enough time. Singer, actress, blogger Olga Buzova told her subscribers in the Telegram channel that she was going to leave Russia for a month and a half. The celebrity complained about the busy schedule and feels guilty about abandoning her channel. The 36-year-old singer gave all her … Read more

Olga Buzova explained how she reacts when she is called a fool

Olga Buzova The singer noted that she learned not to respond to hate with a hat. In her recent interview, singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova spoke about her attitude to the offensive word “fool”, which is often called her haters. The star admitted that she simply does not pay attention to insults and goes … Read more

Olga Buzova left Russia after a scandalous concert in Moscow

Maria Honest The whereabouts of the TV presenter is unknown. Olga Buzova. Photo: Global Look Press Last weekend Olga Buzova showed a scandalous show in the capital’s “Crocus”. In one of the numbers, the former host of “House-2” tried on the image of the Pope against the backdrop of the all-seeing eye. Many felt that … Read more

Buzova left Russia immediately after she made a splash with her show

The artist has already boasted stories from another country. Singer Olga Buzova left Russia immediately after she made a splash with her solo concert “Here I am” at the Crocus City Hall. In the social networks of the star, stories appeared with luggage, and then from the resort. The TV presenter demonstrated the azure pool … Read more

To whom Buzova owes her popularity

Larisa Grechikhina The singing presenter is called the most popular girl in the country. Olga Buzova. Photo: Global Look Press Olga Buzova not only a TV presenter. By her 36, she managed to become a singer, theater actress, sports expert, businesswoman. With all this, the blonde always emphasizes that she has achieved everything herself. Psychologist … Read more

Gazmanov spoke about the wedding with Buzova

Rodion Gazmanov publicly announced his honeymoon trip. The inimitable Olga Buzova should act as the chosen one of the popular artist. On the social network, the son of Oleg Gazmanov wrote that they did not stop wooing him to a lonely and suffering from male attention TV personality. This is strange, because neither Buzova nor … Read more

At least two bodies found in Buzova, reporting about mass grave turns out to be incorrect

Buzova was an important route for the Russian army in an attempt to take the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Somewhere between Buzova and Kiev, the advance was halted, and this was accompanied by heavy fighting. In the town of Butja, northwest of Kiev, many dead were found last weekend after the withdrawal of Russian troops. According … Read more

LIVE | ‘Dozens of bodies found along Buzova road’, Austrian chancellor visits Putin | War Ukraine

Most important news in a row – Russian troops have completely withdrawn from northern Ukraine and are now in Russia and Belarus. The British army reported this on Friday based on intelligence services. At least part of these forces will be deployed in eastern Ukraine, according to the British. And they would be gearing up … Read more

What debts have accumulated Baranovskaya, Volochkova, Meladze and ex-boyfriend Buzova

Julia Filatova Many stars are on the list of malicious debtors to the state. Valeriy Meladze. Photo: Global Look Press Any citizen of the country, regardless of his stardom, with a debt of 30 thousand rubles, runs the risk of losing his foreign country. But for some reason, celebrities often forget about it. They continue … Read more