Kazakhstan will start selling oil through an Azerbaijani pipeline to bypass Russia

Kazakhstan should start transporting part of its crude oil through Azerbaijan’s largest pipeline from September to ‘free’ itself from Russian dependence, the Reuters agency revealed this Friday – the Central Asian country’s oil exports represent more than 1% of the world supply, that is, around 1.4 million barrels per day. For 20 years, the CPC … Read more

Hackers bypass Microsoft two-factor authentication

A massive phishing campaign targets Outlook and Exchange, Microsoft’s email services, hackers even managing to bypass the two-factor identification system, supposed to protect users. If you use Outlook or Exchange, be very careful at this time! Cybersecurity company Zscaler has unveiled a new phishing attack (Phishing in French) particularly dangerous which targets Microsoft’s messaging services. … Read more

Russians bypass the restrictions and come to Lithuania: the situation may change already in the fall

According to the authorities, the only way to stop this is a general agreement of the European Union, which can be discussed as early as this fall, reports LNK. After Russia fired its first shots at Ukraine more than five months ago, the Lithuanian authorities immediately took decisive decisions not only by providing support and … Read more

Russians are flocking here to bypass sanctions and immerse themselves in the world of cryptocurrencies

of Dubai skyscraper lobby doorman answers questions about popular cryptocurrencies point, directing customers to Room 501 on the fifth floor at the end of a long-uncleaned corridor. In Room 501, several office workers administer “Coinsphere” – the crypto market, loved by Russians, Iranians and others who find it difficult to transfer money through banks due … Read more

Three viaducts over the Vilnius bypass – to nowhere: it will be possible to use “someday”

The third stage of the Vilnius Western bypass was completed in December 2016. Then, with pomp and circumstance, this necessary road for the capital immediately became one of the busiest streets in the city. The project is still unfinished However, almost six years have passed, and some infrastructure objects of the bypass still stand as … Read more

Attention drivers: due to the accident, the traffic on the Riga bypass is difficult

The accident happened at the intersection of Baltezers-Saulkalne (A4) and Ulbroka-Ogre (P5). Traffic is blocked at the scene of the accident. The LETA agency found out that the accident happened between two trucks and a passenger car “Toyota”. According to initial information, two people from the Toyota car were injured in the accident and were … Read more

Apple to offer $2 million reward to hackers who successfully bypass iOS 16’s Lockdown mode Designed to protect high-risk people from cyberattacks

Apple will offer a $2 million reward, the highest reward amount in the industry, to hackers who successfully bypass iOS 16 Lockdown Mode. Lockdown Mode is a defense mode for those at high risk of cyberattacks ( world leaders, celebrities, lobbies, journalists, activists, etc.) that allows them to stay in communication while limiting the risk … Read more

“The Euro-Arab gas pipeline project makes it possible to bypass Russia and avoid the long journey of LNG tankers from Qatar”

Lhe European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, invited, on June 30, the big energy companies to focus on increasing their supply, after they launched a public call on June 25 to restrict consumption. This request expresses the need to search for new gas resources that are not too far from the European market, … Read more

Putin’s daughter will help the dictator’s dad bypass sanctions – Society – tsn.ua

Vladimir Putin’s youngest daughter, Katerina Tikhonova, has long been predicted to play a major political role. There are rumors that Catherine may become one of the main contenders for the presidency in the Russian Federation. Against the backdrop of President Putin’s poor health, it is his youngest daughter who may later take his place in … Read more

Al-Ahly youth fans demand Jardim bypass Al-Hilal in its first conference

The Emirati newspaper, Al-Ittihad, monitored the interaction between Leonardo Jardim, the new coach of Al-Ahly youth (the Red Knights), and the team’s fans during the press conference to present it to the media. The newspaper wrote that the fans were present at the entrance to the club, where they were keen to receive the Portuguese … Read more