Cabinet measures to dampen inflation lead to unprecedented leveling

Due to inflation, people more often go to cheaper supermarkets such as Lidl.Statue Elisa Maenhout In total, the cabinet will allocate 17.3 billion euros next year to support purchasing power. Incomes up to the average, 40 thousand euros gross annual income, benefit the most from this. Expenditure on energy traditionally accounts for a large part … Read more

Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia | President Jokowi Inaugurates the 27.2 Kilometer Cibitung–Cilincing Toll Road

President Jokowi inaugurated the Cibitung–Cilincing Toll Road, Tuesday (20/09/2022) morning, at the Gabus Toll Gate, Bekasi, West Java. (Photo: Public Relations Setkab/Teguh) Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the Cibitung–Cilincing Toll Road, Tuesday (20/09/2022) morning, at the Gabus Toll Gate, Bekasi Regency, West Java Province. In addition, the President also inaugurated the Serpong–Balaraja Toll Road … Read more

Top meeting of the cabinet and coalition in The Hague about rising energy prices

ANP NOS News•Sunday, 13:58•Amended Sunday, 17:10 At the Ministry of Finance in The Hague, consultations are taking place at a high political level about rising energy prices. Some ministers and faction leaders of the coalition parties started emergency consultations just after 3 p.m. Prime Minister Rutte is reportedly not present, and Minister Jetten is also … Read more

Pérez (RD) and the new Constitution: “We don’t know if Chile Vamos is going to keep its word” | bbcl_investigates

The deputy of the Democratic Revolution Catherine Perez affirms that there has been a lack of caution and care in the debate on the constituent process, adding that part of the difficulties come from the uncertainty about whether Chile Vamos will fulfill its “word pledged”. At the same time, he indicates that it is a … Read more

Klaver (GL) and Kuiken (PvdA) about cost crisis: ‘Cabinet drops middle class’ | NOW

The cabinet is doing too little for the increasingly large group that is getting into trouble due to the extremely high energy prices, party leaders Attje Kuiken (PvdA) and Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) say in a joint interview to The opposition parties want a price ceiling for the energy bill this year. “I hope that … Read more

“The moment is critical”: the official cabinet closes TPP “Maritsa 3” in Dimitrovgrad – Bulgaria

© RIOSV- Haskovo The moment is extremely critical. This was announced at an extraordinary press conference by the Acting Minister of Environment and Water Rositsa Karamfilova on the occasion air pollution in Dimitrovgrad on Saturday, when large excesses of sulfur dioxide standards were found in the city. The pollution comes from Hristo Kovacki, who is … Read more

Rutte cabinet stops investigation into out-of-home placement of children benefit parents –

It is perhaps the biggest scandal since Srebrenica: the role of the Tax and Customs Administration and the administrative apparatus in the unjustified out-of-home placement of at least 1,675 children of benefit parents. MP Pieter Omtzigt now finally wants an independent investigation. The University of Groningen (RUG) wants to dive deep into this matter from … Read more

Lukáš Kovanda: High inflation is a blessing for Fiala. It keeps alive the chimera that the cabinet is healing the finances

In the first eight months, the government managed a significantly lower deficit than in the previous year. But… “behind the decline in the state budget deficit is solely higher tax collection,” comments Trinity Bank chief economist Lukáš Kovanda. The government collects 91 billion more in taxes year-on-year, but reduced the deficit by only 67 billion. … Read more

The cabinet stands there and looks at it: no vision, no direction, a mockery | Columns

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Editorial Commentary When you look at the asylum chaos in Ter Apel, you might think: housing for 20,000 status holders is social policy. After all, if traffic flows ensure that people get off the streets, there are no more confrontational images. Then everyone can go to sleep with a … Read more