Stylized tones bring immersive experience “Light” premiere Zhang Xincheng and Cai Wenjing join hands to break through the barrier-International Online

Stylized colors bring immersive experience “Light” premiere Zhang Xincheng and Cai Wenjing join hands to break through the barriers International Online News: Directed by Liu Biao, screenwriter Wang Qiong, starring Zhang Xincheng, Cai Wenjing, Zhang Zhijian, starring Gu Zicheng, Wang Zijian, Wang Yinan, special starring by Liang Jie, and the TV series “Light” starring Feng … Read more

Cai Aga smashed 90,000 packs of power color!Announce “50 million employees per employee” and the final result is released

Cai Aga raised 92,400 yuan to buy the power lottery, and he was still domineering. He won the first prize and divided each employee, 50 million per person. (Photo/Retrieved from Cai Aga YouTube) A+ A- Weili Lottery had 41 consecutive issues before, and finally won the first prize on the 23rd of this month. The … Read more

Song Jiang, Han Shaoxi, and Cai Zhongxie’s “The Unresistible Him” ​​are facing each other! Would you like to ride a bicycle sweetly, or cry on the famous Maserati? | Marie Claire

“The Irresistible” starring Song Jiang, Han Shaoxi, and Cai Zhongxie, has aired half of the show this week. The ambiguous relationship between Park Jae-yeon and Liu Nabi in the first half was clarified in the fifth episode. Liu Nabi, who didn’t want to be hurt anymore, decided to “turn off” temporarily to stay away from … Read more

The Tokyo Olympics hits straight ︱The sword god Zhang Jialang beats the world’s first brother to create history and breaks into the top 8 in foil Cai Junyan is defeated (14:40)-20210726-Sports-Real Time News

Zhang Jialang had lost three times in the previous 4 matches against Hogaini, but the most recent time, 3 years ago, he won 15-4 at the California Grand Prix, and this battle is also completely dominant. The 19th-ranked port in the world will face the Russian Olympic Committee player Kirill Borodachev, who is ranked 17th, … Read more

The opera “Xiu Cai and Wife” co-created by the postgraduate students of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Opera

Original title: The opera “Xiu Cai and His Wife” jointly created by the postgraduates of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Opera and his wife was successfully staged On June 28th and 29th, 2021, the postgraduate inter-department of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera jointly created the repertoire; Beijing Culture and Art Fund×Golden Hedgehog University … Read more

Cai Aga shows her second uncle’s “private and beautiful photos”!Slender waist, generous career line exposed the net riot: preparing to give birth to a younger sister

Cai Aga shared the beautiful photos of Erbo, saying that they would look good without editing them. (Picture/Retrieved from IG/yga0721) A+ A- Million YouTuber Cai Aga and his wife “Er Bo” have two sons, “Cai Taogui” and “Cai Boneng” after their marriage. A family of four interacts happily, warmly and funny, and the couple often … Read more