Camilla Parker, her cooking skills, “culinary disasters” and the foods she loves to eat

Although 74 years old, Camilla Parker, Duchess of Cornwall, said she never learned to cook. What’s more, she never liked to experiment in the kitchen, and in the rare moments when she did it, there were “culinary disasters”. And these are her own words. It was Camilla’s turn The future consort queen – on the … Read more

Camilla Parker, her future role as Queen Consort and what Prince William and Prince Harry think of her

For the British royal court, this year will be marked by the celebrations celebrating the platinum anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II at the head of the monarchy. But in recent days, this record of hers for the English royal court has remained in the background because of the news that Camilla Parker will be the … Read more

Prince Charles, Camilla Parker and the Duchess of Cornwall’s confessions to her husband

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker they may be the most controversial couple in the royal court, but in recent years they have managed to seriously polish their image and gain a lot of fans. The two show an enviable sense of humor when they are together at events, and it is obvious that there is … Read more