A citizen documents a strange behavior of camels during rain • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: In a video clip, which he shared through the application of short clips “Tik Tok”, a citizen wondered about the secret of the northward direction of camels during the rain. The citizen documented 4 stalls for camels, which contain a large number of camels inside, as they turned their heads to the north. … Read more

A “waiting game” in Abu Dhabi .. 4 camels draw the attention of a “visual magician” in the UAE desert

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– Peter Jay Takpopo, a photographer based in Abu Dhabi, has always considered that getting up early is worth it, as he managed to spot a group of charming pictures in the Liwa Desert, in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. Standing on a sandy hill, Takpopo noticed a group of camels, … Read more

Arid and Hot, What Do Camels Eat in the Desert?

Jakarta – may is an animal that lives in a desert environment. As is known, only a handful of plants can grow in the desert. As herbivores, what do camels eat? The desert is synonymous with thorny plants. Although only these plants are available, it turns out that the key lies in the camel’s lips. … Read more

Saudi Arabia, botox to camels for a beauty contest: 43 disqualifications

To enhance their specimens’ appeal at a popular camel beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia, some breeders had injected silicone and other fillers to improve their appearance. According to CNN, the organizers disqualified 43 competitors after discovering injections of fillers, botox, hormones and other forms of manipulation, including the practice of braiding or cutting the animal’s … Read more

The camel festival in Pushkar: – 40 Botox camels diskette from pageant

The world’s largest beauty award for camels is back after a corona break, writes BBC. The most beautiful camel walks away with almost 600 million kroner in prizes. Breeders therefore go to great lengths – and farther than far – to make their camels the prettiest possible in the prestigious competition. Dozens of camels have … Read more

This Beautiful Girl Was Proposed With A Dowry Of 200 Camels

loading… NEW DELHI – Indira Gupta, the original beautiful girl India , admitted that he was offered wedding dowry expensive but unusual to be willing to be a man’s wife. But he refused because he claimed not to know how to care for camels. Yes, the girl who works as model it was proposed with … Read more

Llama Antibodies, South American Camels, Potentially Become Effective Drugs for Covid-19

Llama antibodies have the potential to be a drug for Covid-19. (RRI.co.id) OXFORDSHIRE, SURYAKEPRI.COM – A unique type of small antibody produced llama or the South American camel could provide a new treatment alternative for Covid-19 that patients can use in the form of a simple nasal spray. Research led by scientists at the Rosalind … Read more