A man up to the task: how has production shortened Jean Dujardin by 40 cm? – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROON INFO

On the occasion of the broadcast of the film Un homme à mesure Saturday August 22, 2020, from 9:05 p.m. on M6, Télé Star reveals what techniques the production of the feature film used to shorten Jean Dujardin to the screen. Released at the cinema in 2016, the film Un homme à mesure, carried by … Read more

FC Barcelona: Here are finally the 4 guarantees that Barça must give to Leo Messi so that he stays at least this season – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROON INFO

To stay with Koeman: Even if the Dutchman would have a difficult start to the season, Barcelona are likely to give him time. A mid-season departure from a manager would almost certainly mean another disastrous campaign, so Messi must be convinced that Koeman is finishing the season. To rebuild the team: the Blaugrana are unlikely … Read more

Turkey has discovered largest natural gas field “in its history” in the Black Sea, says Erdogan – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROON INFO

For several years the country has been stepping up efforts to establish itself as a major energy player in the region President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Friday that Turkey had discovered in the Black Sea “the largest” natural gas deposit “in its history”, adding that his country would intensify its research in the eastern … Read more

Cameroon to start Coronavirus antibody study in Africa

Home » Health » Cameroon to start Coronavirus antibody study in Africa The African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a continent-wide study has started on anti-coronavirus antibodies after evidence indicated more people have been infected than official figures show. Director John Nkengasong told reporters the study will include all African countries, but those … Read more

Serious injuries after train derailment in Scotland – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROUN INFO

A train derailed Wednesday morning in north-east Scotland in an area affected by flooding, causing “serious injuries”, according to Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon. “This is an extremely serious incident,” the latter said on Twitter. In front of the Scottish deputies, Mrs Sturgeon then clarified that “preliminary information” reported “serious injuries”. British Prime Minister Boris … Read more

Four teams, two places, two matches: ding dong, it’s time for the checkpoint in the race for the play-in tournament – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROUN INFO

We approach, we approach, but the suspense remains. While the play-in tournament to clinch the last qualifying place for the West Playoffs begins on Saturday, there is still a big battle and no one wants to let go. Four teams, two places, one sprint. Last night only one team among the eighth-place contenders from the … Read more

SpaceX: the private sector gives space access to the USA – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROUN INFO

The return to sea, off Pensacola, ends the first manned mission entrusted by NASA to the private sector. The stakes for Elon Musk remain high. The return to Earth (in this case at sea off Florida), this Sunday evening of the “Crew Dragon” space capsule, launched last May by the salvageable SpaceX rocket of billionaire … Read more

The fabulous fate of Amélie Poulain: which actress was originally supposed to play the title role? | SEN360.SN – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROON INFO

Now one of the most cult films in French cinema, The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain will be rebroadcast on Sunday August 2, 2020, from 9:05 p.m. on Arte, to the delight of moviegoers. Released in theaters in 2001, the feature film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet was… Please include your email address and name in … Read more

Stephen Tataw, captain of the 1990 Indomitable Lions, has passed away

Published on : 01/08/2020 – 17:47 The Cameroonian Football Federation announced Friday, July 31, the death of Stephen Tataw, at the age of 57, from an illness. The former defender was the captain of the Indomitable Lions who reached the quarter-finals of the 1990 World Cup. Illustrious Cameroonian internationals pay tribute to him. Cameroonian football … Read more

Origin, the launcher of EA, will have the right to a revamp in a short time – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROUN INFO

Electronic Arts is working on redesigning the neither very practical nor very elegant interface of its dematerialized platform Origin. Only a few weeks ago, Electronic Arts surprised its world by mentioning the availability of some of its games on the Steam platform. Several observers then wondered about the imminent disappearance of the home platform of … Read more