Annual salary 77,000 euros: Canadian company is looking for candy testers money

Canadian company is looking for employees | This sweet job earns around 77,000 euros a year Montréal – A Canadian company is looking for a new employee with a very sweet job advertisement: Meet Bonbon CEO! That job profile from BCC („ Chief Candy Officer“): You must be at least five years old and taste … Read more

A Canadian company offers $ 80,000 a year to eat sweets and candy for work

Candy Funhouse, a leading Canadian confectionery company, is receiving thousands of applications after posting a job offer for the position of Chief Candy Officer: $ 80,000 a year to taste candy and sweets. Over 80 thousand dollars a year to eat and judge sweets e candies comfortably seated on your sofa at home. It is … Read more

Three Canadian doctors didn’t die “suddenly” from the COVID vaccine

categories Resources used scientific literature Official sources (communiqués, databases, BOE) They are circulating on social media (so much in English as in Spanish, as you can see here, here y here) several contents that state that “three young doctors” from the same hospital in Ontario, Canada, have died “suddenly in the same week after receiving … Read more

[Cek Fakta] Is it true that six Canadian doctors died suddenly in a row in two weeks over the 4th Covid-19 vaccine? This is the Fact

A narrative circulates that as many as six doctors in Canada died suddenly in the last two weeks. This narrative is circulating on social media. Among them is the Twitter account @DrJamesOlsson who also uploaded the narration, July 30, 2022. The following is the full narration that has been translated: “6 Canadian Doctors Died “Suddenly” … Read more

Life sentence for Canadian who made execution videos for terrorist group ISIS

AFP NOS News•Saturday, 06:11 A Canadian jihadist involved in the production of ISIS execution videos has been sentenced to life in prison in the United States. The terror cell for which he worked in Syria was responsible, among other things, for the beheading video of American journalist James Foley. Saudi-born Mohammed Khalifa (39) grew up … Read more

Takeover of SDX Energy: Canadian Tenaz Energy throws in the towel

Credit: SDX Energy According to information provided on Friday, the British junior SDX Energy, which holds exploration licenses in Morocco and Egypt, will ultimately not be acquired by the Canadian Tenaz Energy. The decision comes following a meeting of SDX Energy shareholders, during which the merger between Tenaz and SDX was discussed. The result of … Read more

Several people are dead after a mass shooting at a Canadian homeless person

Police said most of the shootings took place downtown, with one report of a shooting in neighboring Langley Township. At around 7:30 a.m. local time on Monday, police issued a warning to residents of the area via cellphones to avoid the area. Later, police issued a mobile alert that the suspect had been apprehended. However, … Read more

The Canadian association is dealing with another case of alleged sexual assault by junior hockey players

Hockey’s umbrella organization has already faced criticism this year for how it handled another similar incident in 2018, which ended in an out-of-court settlement. Its officials said they learned about the older incident on Thursday when they were contacted by a journalist. The reporter told Hockey Canada that he spoke to witnesses who gave him … Read more

Canadian triumph in the Pyrenees! Pogačar’s loss to the yellow jersey did not diminish

“I’ve never won anything big. Until today’s stage was the right moment. I was going full throttle, even though I suffered terribly on the steep climb. I knew that I should have won by 30 to 40 seconds at the top of the last hill . In the end it was only twenty seconds, but … Read more