Genetically engineered crops to increase carbon capture?

Plants are like factories that naturally capture carbon. A new research program has been announced that aims to improve the natural carbon storage capacity of these plants through genetic manipulation. The University of Berkeley’s Innovative Genomics Institute (“IGI”) has announced a new program that uses innovative genetic engineering tools to improve plants’ carbon storage capacity. … Read more

[우주를 보다] A ‘spiral galaxy’ in New Zealand’s night sky? vortex blue capture

<!—-> ▲ A vortex shape created in the New Zealand night sky on the 19th On the 19th (local time), a ‘workpiece’ was drawn in the night sky of New Zealand, as if it was a miniature spiral galaxy. On the 19th (local time), local media in New Zealand reported that a strange vortex shape … Read more

Pokémon GO: how to beat and capture Mewtwo in 5-star raids? | Niantic | Android | | Present

Niantic continues to surprise all the coaches in the world with the celebrations that it has been presenting during the month of June. As part of the event Merger with JCCwill return the legendary pokemon of the first generation, Mewtwo. This powerful creature is available in five-star raids from Pokémon GO. Learn how you can … Read more

US, another billion in aid to Kiev: “Even artillery”. Macron: “Enlarging the EU cannot be the only solution for the stability of the neighbors”. Russians Capture Two Americans – Live

June 15, 2022 21:57 Usa: “We are unable to confirm the capture of two Americans” The White House is unable to confirm the news of the capture of two Americans in Ukraine by the Russians but in case it is true it will do everything to get them back home: said John Kirby, coordinator of … Read more

They capture moments before the panga capsized in Guaymas and 8 people died | Sonoran News

GUAYMAS, Sonora.- One person managed to record the last moments with life of the people who were in a panga in Guaymas. In the pictures you can see several people above the ship before it happened the accident that left 8 dead. This Monday rescuers from the Secretary of the Navy located in an area … Read more

They capture in Puerto Rico a comet that will approach Earth next July

a comet discovered in May 2017 and recently captured from Puerto Rico, will have a slight approach to Earth next July, the Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC) reported on Tuesday. Comet “C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS)” was recently captured from San Germán (west) by Puerto Rican Raymond Negrón, from the SAC, who predicts that the star will have … Read more

Pokémon GO: how to beat and capture Kyogre in 5-star raids? | Niantic | Android games | | Free games

Niantic continues to surprise the community of gamers with novelties Pokémon GO all over the world. Thus, Kyogre, one of the augmented reality game’s powerful creatures, is back in five-star raids. East pokémon arrives with some general statistics quite interesting that make it an excellent option to capture it. Kyogre is a legendary pokemon Water-type … Read more

Incredible video from Mars: they capture a cloud of dust in suspension

An impressive video record took the rover Perseverance in Marte, it is a cloud of suspended dust near the Jezero crater. A situation that helps to understand much better the climate of the planet. This was published in the magazine Science Advances and collects more than 216 days of exploration where the formation of sand … Read more

The capture of Severodonetsk will not be enough to achieve Russia’s goals, Britain reports

To achieve operational objectives Ukraine occupation of Severodoneck alone will not be enough for the occupiers, according to the latest intelligence British Ministry of defence. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The capture of Lima by Russia supports the main operational efforts, which are likely to continue to besiege Severodonetsk and close the territorial … Read more

They capture the passage of a huge asteroid that approached Earth

A giant asteroid 2 kilometers long and classified as a “dangerous near object” by NASA, It passed this Friday morning at a considerable distance from Earth and its path was captured by a network of powerful telescopes. It is the asteroid that is known by the name 7335 (1989 JA)which has approximately four times the … Read more