Space: Neptune’s rings captured by the James Webb telescope

When the words ring and space are associated, one immediately thinks of Saturn. But another planet in our Solar System is also surrounded by several coronas. Unpublished images of the planet Neptune and its rings have thus been captured by the James Webb space telescope. These photos also provide valuable information on its atmosphere. has … Read more

Sobchak in a denim shirt and without makeup was captured at a desk with baby Plato

Ksenia Sobchak has been working on television for many years. She hosted entertainment programs, and then she preferred to engage in more serious projects. The blonde regularly travels and interviews famous personalities. She also often goes out with Konstantin Bogomolov. There have been rumors lately that the journalist is pregnantbut they have not been confirmed. … Read more

Neptune and its rings captured by the James Webb Space Telescope –

The James Webb Space Telescope has delivered never-before-seen images of Neptune and its rings, providing valuable insights into its atmosphere, NASA announced on Wednesday. In infrared, the eighth planet no longer has its bluish appearance, but takes on a colorized hue in a greyish white. Astronomers hadn’t had such a clear view of the most … Read more

Neptune and Mars, the stars captured by the James Webb Space Telescope

The new images of the space observatory launched in December 2021 show in detail how the stars and the elements that surround them are composed. In them you can see, for example, Triton, one of Neptune’s moons The James Webb Telescope continues to send back to Earth new images of what the distant universe looks … Read more

Puzzling new features captured in cosmic FRB signals

Artist’s illustration of an FRB detected by an observatory on Earth – UNLV MADRID, 22 Sep. (EUROPA PRESS) – Unexpected observations of a series of fast radio bursts (FRBs) challenge prevailing understanding of physical nature and the central engine of these strange cosmic signals. FRBs are millisecond-long cosmic explosions that produce energy equivalent to the … Read more

Neptune’s rings captured by James Webb Space Telescope – BBC News

Jonathan Amos BBC science correspondent September 22, 2022 image source,NASA/ESA/CSA/STScI image caption, Images captured by the Webb Space Telescope provide the first clear view of the distant planet in more than 30 years The James Webb Space Telescope, which recently went into space, is sending back spectacular new images of Neptune. The details of Neptune … Read more

The amazing image of Neptune and its rings captured by the James Webb telescope (and how it compares to Hubble images)

Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent 21 September 2022 image source, NASA/ESA/CSA/STScI They are new and spectacular images of Neptune. They were obtained by the powerful James Webb Space Telescope, which became operational last July. With its infrared instruments, the telescope highlights features of Neptune that were not seen in such detail since the Voyager 2 … Read more

Discover what image of the cosmos the Hubble Space Telescope captured on your birthday – Teach Me About Science

Without a doubt, one of the sciences that most fascinates, not only professionals but also the general public, is astronomy. Since ancient times, the human has tried to find an answer to his origin, and without a doubt, the study of the cosmos has helped us to better understand many things that are vital to … Read more

Ukrainians captured the pride of the occupiers – Russia’s most modern tank T-90M in ‘perfect condition’

After Ukrainian of the successful counterattack in the Kharkiv region, during which almost the entire territory of the region was recovered, as well as a large number of military equipment and other weapons of the occupiers, a very valuable specimen also fell into the hands of the Ukrainians – undamaged of Russia tanks T-90M. Content … Read more

The most modern Russian tank captured by the Ukrainians. T-90M abandoned in the woods

The panicky escape of Russian troops from most of the Kharkiv region by the Ukrainian army resulted in the fact that the aggressor’s army left dozens of military equipment and hundreds of tons of ammunition. Among this military equipment was, among others the most modern Russian T-90M tank, which Ukrainian troops encountered in the forests … Read more