Alstan captures against natural park predators – Investigative Unit

Prosecutors and military and police authorities met a few days ago at the Larandia military base, Caquetá, to define the strategies and operations to be carried out in the areas of the natural national parks, infected by so-called extensive cattle ranching. Fresh figures from National Natural Parks of Colombia, dated December 31, 2020, record that … Read more

Lion. Prosecutor’s Office captures a cell of hitmen

Digital Millennium Lion / 17.01.2021 17:39:24 A cell of hitmen were captured in León, after an operation between Criminal Investigation Agents of the State Attorney General’s Office, elements of the State Public Security Secretariat as well as elements of the SSP of León. Through a statement it was reported that An address that functioned as … Read more

Xiaomi increases MIUI security by protecting our photos, videos and captures – Xiaomi News

Unlike previous versions, MIUI 12 focuses squarely on user security and privacy. New permissions that allow us to restrict access to third-party applications and that have now been improved with a new access control to gallery and storage. As detailed from ITHome, Xiaomi has started to implement a new privacy protection system through the internal … Read more

Diego Contreras captures an eternal sunset for Apple – Guatemala Last Hour News

The Guatemalan director was in charge of the launch video of the iPhone 12 Pro. The sunsets, painted with their characteristic golden and orange tones, take anyone’s breath away, and that’s what Diego Contreras wanted to capture in the launch video of the iPhone 12 Pro. For the second year in a row, the Guatemalan … Read more

Tasks and Rewards Special Investigation “Master Captures: Ghost”

We already know the tasks and rewards of the Limited Special Research “Master Captures: Ghost” of the day of Drifloon of Pokémon GO. Today is the ghost special day with drifloon as a great protagonist and with a temporary special investigation called “Master Captures: Ghost” of which we already know its tasks and rewards: Paso … Read more

Captures for crime of 2 little sisters who were invited for a walk – Cali – Colombia

The discovery of the bodies of Maribel Carlosama Ortiz, 21 years old, and her sister, 14 years old, on the road between La Cumbre and Restrepo, in mid-September, caused pain and confusion in those neighboring towns of the Western Cordillera. For the capture of those responsible, a reward of 20 million pesos was offered. Last … Read more

US satellite captures in VIDEO how the path of hurricane “Delta” looks from space

Hurricane “Delta” is expected to hit southeastern Mexico tonight and then head for the US coast this week. SEE MORE Hurricane “Delta” | Conagua alerts: It is one of the most dangerous that has been seen in Mexico in 15 years Mexico City, October 6 (SinEmbargo / AP) .- The United States National Hurricane Center … Read more

Profepa captures black bear that fell asleep in Monterrey – Noticieros Televisa

Elements of the Profepa and Civil Protection they captured a black bear who fell asleep outside a house in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. We recommend you: Video: Black bear surprises a woman again in Nuevo León The black bear fell asleep outside a house in the Valle de San Ángel neighborhood, Spanish sector, so the neighbors … Read more