Webb Telescope captures best image of Neptune in decades

NASA published new images of the most distant planet in the solar system. The last pictures of Neptune were taken by Voyager 2 in August 1989. The photographs of the gas giant were taken using the NIRCam near-infrared camera on board the space telescope. Because the methane gas in Neptune’s atmosphere strongly absorbs red and … Read more

NASA’s DART spacecraft captures Jupiter and its moons before hitting the asteroid on September 27

NASA’s DART spacecraft was less than a week away when it accidentally crashed into an asteroid to test planetary defense technology. Brief to test the reorientation of a double asteroid, DART is scheduled to collide on Dimorphos, the space rock orbiting the larger asteroid Didymos at 4:44 a.m. PST on September 27 to test whether … Read more

James Webb Telescope captures first images of Mars

the brand new James Webb Space Telescope captured their first images and spectra of Marte on September 5, 2022, a unique perspective of the red planet with its infrared sensitivity. Webb’s unique observation post, almost 1.5 million kilometers away at the Sun-Earth Lagrange Point 2 (L2), offers a view of the observable disk of Mars … Read more

The video captures test prototypes of the new generation Škoda Superb. A revolution is about to take place in the interior

Author: Pavel Srp – Source: Motor1.com – Photo: Pavel Srp – 19 September 2022 The new generation Škoda Superb should be introduced next year, so camouflaged prototypes are already driving on the roads and thanks to this we can see how radically the fourth generation will change. Test prototypes of the fourth generation Škoda Superb … Read more

Camera captures Khloë Terae’s dental floss that is lost from below

the canadian model Khloë Terrae she is not afraid to be daring, nor to teach a little or a lot. On the contrary, celebrities like this blonde beauty find real pleasure in fully displaying the sensuality of their body, showing that there is no piece of lingerie that can resist them, that does not favor … Read more

James Webb Telescope Captures Enchanting Scenery of the Orion Nebula in More Detail

The characteristics of a damaged car thermostat can be seen from the presence of several problems. A faulty car thermostat can come from an engine that often overheats. As a car owner you should know how to deal with this problem if it occurs. So the damage can be resolved faster. Especially considering if the … Read more

Solar Orbiter captures the reflection of the sun’s magnetic field

Probably “probe Solar Orbiter” or “Solar Orbiter” of the Agency outer space European Union (ESA) has picked up evidence of field reversals magnetic to the sun, validating a theory about how this well-known but mysterious phenomenon occurred. On March 25, the Solar Orbiter passed inside the orbit of Mercury to capture close-up images of the … Read more

The James Webb Telescope Captures the Enchanting View of the Orion Nebula in More Details

BOY ZONE – Space Telescope James Webb managed to capture the dazzling image inside Nebula Orion with more detail and sharpness. Gives an idea of ​​how the stars and planetary systems inside Milkyway Galaxy formed more than 4.5 billion years ago. “We were blown away by the dazzling image of Nebula Orion,” kata Els Peeters, … Read more

Webb telescope captures ‘stunning’ images of the Orion Nebula

It is “a wall of dense gas and dust that resembles a huge winged creature, its jaws illuminated by a bright star as it rises through cosmic filaments,” the AFP news agency reported. So the space telescope James Webb captured the first images of the Orion Nebulawhich left astronomers “impressed”. The nebula is located in … Read more