German carmakers were fined a billion. Secretly hampered development! – Magazine – Car

This is the very first “mega – fine”, which was not awarded for a price cartel, but for deliberately hampering technological development. It was given to Daimler, BMW and the Volkswagen Group. Daimler does not have to pay because he revealed the agreement. Photo: KBA VW, Daimler and BMW are said to have reached a … Read more

Škoda will help in Moravia. He will rent cars and give away bikes to people who have lost everything –

Škoda Auto, in cooperation with the Kovo unions, took immediate measures to help the areas of South Moravia affected by the tornado. The carmaker will provide over 50 cars to households and volunteers and donate bicycles to people affected by the disaster. Cars will be rented free of charge for necessary assistance in the affected … Read more

Hyundai is changing its strategy. Some cars will be sold under a new brand –

Hyundai introduces a new brand. He will use the name Ioniq for it, which was created by combining the English words “ion” (iont) and “unique” (unique). Under this brand, it will launch a number of electrified cars with a number – even numbers will be used for sedans, odd for SUVs. The first model of … Read more