The following behaviors can invalidate the official car warranty

JAKARTA, – Warranty motor vehicle is a guarantee of quality for each vehicle product purchased by consumers from authorized dealers. Usually, quality assurance for each product offered by the brand holder agent (APM) is up to 36 months of use or a distance of 100,000 kilometers. So, if there is damage within that period … Read more

United States decides to stop production of Toyota Yaris R

Production of the Toyota Yaris R could come to an end, clearing the way for the new generation of the Yaris and Corolla Everything that begins ends and now apparently it is the turn of one of the autosof Toyota with less fortune in the number of sales. Its about Toyota Yaris R, a car … Read more

Alfa Romeo celebrates 110 years of existence with a surprising free download e-book about its cars

Alfa Romeo USA celebrates 110 years of signing with the launch of an interactive ebook presented from Italy that shows the history of the car firm and its future projection Alfa Romeo It has been characterized by delivering passion and commitment in each of its vehicles, becoming one of the signatures of cars luxury with … Read more

China offers a Tesla clone car but much cheaper and with great performance

The Xpeng P7 has everything you would want from a Tesla but with a more affordable price and a level of autonomy 3 Xpeng Motors, one of the Chinese automakers, has announced the launch of its new car, a smart vehicle capable of reaching autonomy level 3 and taking control of itself in different situations … Read more

Why Mercedes, the first car brand in history, adopted a woman’s name

The name of Mercedes-Benz, one of the most famous automakers in the world, originates from the daughter of an Austrian businessman It has been widely questioned why the company that created the cars in the world adopted the name of Mercedes, a name that until today has made it the only automaker to carry a … Read more

Kia’s new midsize pick-up would compete with Ford Ranger

Kia finds itself developing a new pick-up truck due to the constant growth of the segment worldwide The commitment to medium-sized vehicles SUV Y pick-ups It has been constantly growing in recent months, and auto factories have paid special attention in this area. HyundaiFor example, it is in the development of its new compact truck, … Read more

Tesla achieves more than half a million Cybertruck bookings

The number of reservations has been surprising to discover that they not only come from the United States, but from other countries that are interested in electric cars The launch of the new Cybetruck from Tesla It is still a sensation, and it is that, although it takes more than a year for its arrival, … Read more

Why Volkswagen Refuses to Stop Making Manual Transmission Cars

Volkswagen continues to bet on the manufacture of manual transmission cars, even though the market trend has turned to automatic transmission cars Manufacturers of cars they always seek to adapt to new trends, both in exterior design and interior equipment of the vehicle. Most brands have chosen to make cars with automatic transmissionBecause the benefits … Read more