animal carcasses are displayed in the window, “it feels like a slaughterhouse”

Posted on Monday, September 13, 2021 at 05h55 Through Zhen-Zhen Zveny The Roland butcher’s window leaves no room for doubt as to the nature of the business. Carcasses hung from hooks are displayed in the front of the butcher’s shop. A choice that shocks some residents. The Roland butcher has been under fire from critics … Read more

Chaudfontaine: the army evacuates by helicopter 90 carcasses of cars stuck in the Vesdre (photos)

Cleaning and clearing work continues in the municipalities of the province of Liège heavily affected by the deadly floods that devastated Belgium last week. Important helicopter hoisting operations have also been carried out since Thursday, said the Defense press service. Two Air Component helicopters took off from Beauvechain air base for the Chaudfontaine region in … Read more

an army helicopter tasked with clearing the carcasses of cars

In the mass of flood-related waste, there are many car wrecks. Some are inaccessible for conventional tow trucks. To evacuate them, the army therefore employs great means and calls on its helicopter. Since 11 am this Thursday, several paracommandos have been requisitioned to clear these carcasses of cars. The helicopter hoisting operation begins at Chaudfontaine, … Read more