Mariah Carey launches a Christmas special for Apple TV + bringing out her most personal side

As usual when the Christmas, the name of Mariah Carey rises like few others thanks to its “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, the quintessential theme at parties. On this occasion, the artist has launched a Christmas special for Apple TV+ where he talks about his most personal life. The singer always tends to … Read more

Valle Nevado announces bankruptcy reorganization to alleviate “perfect storm” | Economy

“We have made a difficult decision, but necessary, to start a bankruptcy reorganization process,” he said. Ricardo Margulis, general manager of Valle Nevado. As he said, “we are sure that it is the best business decision to be able to organize ourselves, continue operating and continue projecting Valle Nevado for many more years”. In detail, … Read more

Mariah Carey shares her Christmas wishes on Apple TV +

Singer and actress Mariah Carey has become a symbol of Christmas, at least in the United States and Canada, by having one of the best-selling albums with songs from this time, and to reaffirm its popularity Apple Tv+ preparó el especial “Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special” , to be projected by that signal the next … Read more

Christmas is from Mariah Carey and her special on Apple TV confirms it

Will this December 4th when i premiere Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special and Apple TV +. The song of Ariana Grande, Mariah and Jennifer Hudson is called ‘Oh Santa’ and in this special we will see the video they made together. With this, Christmas will officially begin with new music, in addition to our favorite … Read more

the son of the Sultan of Brunei who paraded with Naomi Campbell and gave jewelry to Mariah Carey

His father’s fortune, estimated by Forbes magazine at 17,000 million euros, allowed these business ventures and the whims of a prince who, although he never paraded with his colleagues from the Sandhurst military academy, did beside Naomi Campbell on the London runway 2007. Azim from Brunei preferred the brilliance of Hollywood stars to that of … Read more

Mariah Carey reflects on her discomfort with Ellen DeGeneres

Mariah Carey confessed that Ellen DeGeneres was very tactless with her when she wanted to verify that she was pregnant when she had actually just suffered a miscarriage. The reputation of the small-screen star suffered greatly this summer after several members of her show staff accused her of turning a blind eye to the bad … Read more

Mariah Carey: ‘Ellen forced me to reveal pregnancy’ | Entertainment

The rumors surrounding the pregnancy went on in 2008, then Carey was a guest on the talk show. Ellen was pretty sure the singer was pregnant, but she wouldn’t admit this. That’s why Ellen challenged her to drink champagne, forcing Carey to reveal her pregnancy. “I felt extremely uncomfortable at that moment, that’s all I … Read more

Visit for Carey Price

TORONTO | A big fan of hunting and fishing, Carey Price enjoys the moments of solitude provided by his escapades in nature. It’s the same in his semi-circle: the less you approach him, the more comfortable he is. • Read also: History favors the Canadian • Read also: No time for friendships • Read also: … Read more

Carey Price’s assistant chosen?

In a poll on my Twitter account last week, the question was, “Who do you think should help Carey Price?” 81% of respondents chose Cayden Primeau over Charlie Lindgren. This is what is called a strong majority and it clearly shows the confidence that Canadiens fans have in Cayden Primeau. With good reason in my … Read more