This technology can provide the Tesla experience at the charging station. But one major carmaker excels with its absence

Many electric drivers are frustrated by how knotty fast charging is. The charging operators have their own apps, charging chips and schemes that you must master before you can get the necessary kilowatt hours on the cart. Admittedly, there are technologies that allow you to connect the cable to the car only for charging to … Read more

Ford Focus production is set to decline, and the carmaker is considering the future of the factory

The compact Ford Focus, which has been on sale for over twenty years and is now in its recently upgraded fourth generation, is manufactured in Saarlouis, Germany. However, according to Automobilwoche magazine, its production is to be significantly reduced from the end of August. Of course, production has problems due to the war in Ukraine … Read more

The largest Land Rover Defender 130 is close, the carmaker has published the first photo

The world premiere of the eight-seater Land Rover Defender 130 is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31, 2022. The eight-seater Defender 130 is also delayed by a coronavirus pandemic almost three years after the launch of the new generation of Defender at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019. The biggest variant will soon be complemented by … Read more

The dream of a cheap carmaker has faded. Datsun ends again, his cars were too cheap

Nissan is getting rid of another of Carlos Ghosn’s “children”. The former head of the Japanese carmaker, who was later imprisoned, famously fled Japan and is now one of the wanted criminals, ten years ago he contributed to the return of the Datsun carmaker. He had big plans with her and he wanted to dominate … Read more

Another diesel scandal could shake the car industry, and a Hungarian carmaker is also affected

In the case of the world’s fourth-largest automaker, the Stellantis Group, it has emerged that it may have been tricked into using emissions measurement software. The Frankfurt prosecutor’s office is also investigating the Hungarian Suzuki. Magyar Suzuki Zrt. Has confirmed to the World Economy that an investigation is underway in connection with the diesel vehicles … Read more

The damage will be led by Klaus Zellmer, the carmaker confirmed

On July 1, Zellmer is appointed to the highest position within the carmaker, so that he can be subsequently elected by the board of directors. As a member of the Volkswagen Board of Directors, Zellmer is currently responsible for sales, marketing and after sales. “I am pleased that we have succeeded in acquiring one of … Read more

The American carmaker Tesla has opened its first factory in Europe near Berlin – ČT24 – Czech Television

The factory began operating less than two years after construction began. Musk, who has repeatedly mentioned the problematic bureaucracy in Germany in the past, originally intended to start production last June. However, delays in obtaining the final permit complicated his plans. Tesla received final approval earlier this month, building so far on the basis of … Read more

Škoda Auto will reduce production. Due to the Russian invasion, it lacks parts – ČT24 – Czech Television

“The Volkswagen Group, including the carmaker Škoda Auto, has received reports of Russian attacks on Ukraine with great concern and concern. We hope for a speedy cessation of hostilities and a return to diplomacy. In terms of all activities at the scene, the safety and protection of our employees is our highest priority, “said Škoda … Read more

Bugatti Chiron is completely sold out, but the carmaker will not be bored

The carmaker sold out the remaining production slots last year, but still has to manufacture and deliver the cars. At the beginning of the new year, the carmakers publish various sales statistics, in which production and sales numbers in the order of hundreds of thousands of different models appear. But we cannot expect anything similar … Read more