Nurse Carmen Corro dies in Vargas by COVID-19

Nurse Carmen Corro passed away from COVID-19 this Saturday, August 15. The president of the Capital District Nursing College, Ana Rosario Contreras, reported the death of Corro, who worked at the José María Vargas Hospital of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (Ivss). He also worked in the Dr. Raúl Perdomo Hurtado Naval Military Hospital, … Read more

This is the new house of Carmen Villalobos with spaces decorated with great simplicity

Carmen Villalobos is happy in her new home, together with her husband, the actor, Sebastián Caicedo, after completing the renovations they ordered in their residence in Bogotá, Colombia. The couple, who recently celebrated the first wedding anniversary, is already opening a new house, after completing the arrangements they wanted to make to the spaces and … Read more

Emotional moment! Laurita Fernández received an unexpected compliment from Carmen Barbieri

Faith Bal He lives his happiest hours after having publicly stated that he has been cured of colon cancer. The son of Carmen Barbieri He had an amazing recovery thanks to the chemotherapy he did on time. The artist had throughout his illness the unconditional support of his girlfriend Sofia Aldrey, who did not leave … Read more

Dj Arafat: Between his exes, Carmen Sama and Emma Lohoues, it smacks of clash!

While they had displayed their complicity a few months ago, making the java in a controversial video, the ex-companions of Dj Arafat, Carmen Sama and Emma Lohoues, would no longer be on good terms. Finally, if we are to believe their recent publications on social networks. Dj Arafat: even after his death, he continues to … Read more

Carmen Barbieri’s message in which she evoked the memory of Santiago Bal after the recovery of her son: “I tell you that we won another battle”

Santiago Bal, Fede and Carmen Barbieri Minutes after Federico Bal would come to his house to tell him that he had recovered from bowel cancer, Carmen Barbieri published a message to announce her joy. In it, he also evoked Santiago Bal, father of the also producer, who passed away in December 2019. “I tell you!! … Read more

DJ Arafat; Tina Glamor, Ezechiel Huon and Carmen Sama, the news

Dj arafat Even since his grave, DJ Arafat has worked within his family that he has managed to bring together, notably reconciling Tina Glamor, Ezechiel Huon and Carmen Sama. While constantly pointed out for her aggressive character, Tina Glamor, the mother of DJ Arafat, who knew how to bury the hatchet which had served to … Read more

Carmen Villalobos falls in love in a sheer white lace top

One of the actresses most loved by the public is Carmen Villalobos. The remembered Catalina Santana de ‘Without breasts, there is no paradise’ She conquered the audience with her extreme beauty and a talent that puts her on par with veteran actors on screen. Since she was in the novel, which reached audience records worldwide, … Read more