Stella del Carmen Banderas reveals the impacts suffered by being the daughter of two celebrities – Trending topic

Fame or having parents who are famous always helps. It clearly helps if you are trying to submit to work that requires influence such as modeling, acting, having a following on networks to facilitate being ‘influence’ and many other aspects. It’s okay to say my father is one of the most famous actors out there. … Read more

Tourists waiting for a hot weather in Ciudad del Carmen

Users of the Ciudad del Carmen International Airport They came to Carmen in search of a warmer climate to spend a vacation, since in the last days in the capital of the country the thermometers marked temperatures below zero. Daran Martinez, arrived from Mexico City with two coats on, which he took off when he … Read more

This is how Carmen Maura sounds speaking Catalan on TV3. Sink the audience. Video

The echoes of Verónica Forqué anticatalana have not yet faded and she reappears Carmen Maura on TV3 in the movie People coming and bah, a co-production of TV3, Antena 3 and Grupo Zeta. The TV of the Generalitat subsidizes with public money different films per year to premiere them after the rooms on TV3, dubbed … Read more

Augusto Algueró, son of Carmen Sevilla, reveals how the unforgettable actress is

10/16/2007 Carmen Sevilla and Augusto Algueró, in an archive image EUROPA ESPAÑA SOCIEDAD MADRID, 23 (CHANCE) Carmen Sevilla’s state of health has become a mystery. Suffering from Alzheimer’s for years, and admitted to a residence on the outskirts of the capital, the unforgettable 90-year-old actress is “very well cared for,” according to her son Augusto … Read more

Platea Magazine – The soprano Carmen Solís and the actor Alberto Amarilla, with Beethoven together with the Extremadura Orchestra

Details Written by Drafting Posted: 17 December 2020 The soprano Carmen Solís and the actor Alberto Amarilla, with Beethoven together with the Extremadura Orchestra The Extremadura Orchestra pays tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven on the 250th anniversary of his birth, taking two of his works to Plasencia (December 18) and Villanueva de la Serena (December … Read more

Carmen de Carlos: Consultations

Carmen de CarlosFOLLOW Updated:16/12/2020 01:24h save Related news To this final stretch (without defined meters) of Covid 19, the fever of the consultations seems to be added. Emmanuel Macron takes a step further in his environmental referendum for the Constitution and gains positions in the movement that turns the mechanism (financial and voting) in the European … Read more

House in London, Rancho del Carmen del Pueblo S …..

London details 4 hours on $ 38.8 million House for sale Estimated payment over 15 years: $ 384,120MN /my Pre-qualify now! Colonial residence. Ceilings 4.5 meters HEIGHT. Stately rooms that surround a classic garden typical of the area. In addition, a large back garden that houses half a dozen huge ash trees. ID: EB-CD2573 … Read more

“They should not stigmatize us”: Carmen Campuzano supported Rafael Amaya’s effort to get out of addictions and recalled his own journey

Rafael Amaya and Carmen Campuzano were helped by Julio César Chávez to overcome addictions (Photo: Instagram @rafaelamayanunez @carmencampuzanooficial)After in recent days it was revealed that the actor Rafael Amaya has been being treated for a picture of addictions at the boxer Julio César Chávez’s rehabilitation clinic, who is helping him personally overcome his problem, is … Read more

Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne, a tribute to the competition

Carmen Boulogne is the new model of the Spanish car manufacturer Hispano Suiza, which has been inspired by the world of competition to design this supercar that has a powertrain of 1,114 horses, with which it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of … Read more

Carmen Janeiro and her millionaire boyfriend, Luis Masaveu, sell their large mansion

Letizia has taken the reins of the institutional representation of the Royal House due to the mandatory quarantine that the King has to undergo due to the positive of a close contact. This Monday, in fact, he presides over the Rey Jaime I Awards, replacing the monarch. This command from the queen, according to the … Read more