Ice cream again on the way, but the ice cream cart is not allowed to pass by: “Ee …

This weekend it is ideal weather to eat an ice cream, but the ice cream cart is not yet allowed to drive around due to the corona measures. “Incomprehensible”, say the ice cream sellers, who were only allowed to start driving in May last year. “We still have to catch up, if it is not … Read more

Soon no coin and chip in the shopping cart? Aldi, Lidl, Rewe and Co. are preparing for the future

Shopping carts help customers take their groceries and purchases easily from the shelf to the checkout or to the car. If there is no shopping cart, customers also shop less. This is one of the reasons why the shopping trolley experts are looking to the future in their plant. Consumers and retailers are looking for … Read more

Gift books: a bike cart invites you to exchange titles in a Buenos Aires square

While the pandemic forces to seek refuge in the open air, the squares are installed as territory for cultural activities and in this range original initiatives arise, such as the bike-bookstore “Pedaleo”, a project that promotes the exchange and gift of books in a square in the porteño neighborhood of Villa Urquiza and that seeks … Read more

Immunotherapy, applied to sarcomas in the Virgen del Rocío, opens hope in lung cancer and other tumors

Jesus Alvarez Sevilla Updated:11/3/2020 7:43h save Related news The Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville discharged in early October a 34-year-old patient with synovial sarcoma, a rare type of cancer and quite aggressive that usually affects the joints. This woman, with whom conventional treatments did not work, is the first person in Europe with this … Read more

Global Medical Computing Cart Market Industry Outlook, Demand, Key Manufacturers and Forecast to 2030

The research report focuses on customer target groups to help players effectively market their products and achieve strong sales in the global market of Medical computer carts. Segregate useful and relevant market information based on the business needs of the players. Readers receive validated and revalidated market forecast figures such as CAGR, Medical Computer Carts … Read more

It will be impossible to pay your entire shopping cart with meal vouchers in all Colruyt group stores from September 1st!

Posted on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 3:17 p.m. By Sudinfo with Belga Paying your entire cart with meal vouchers will soon no longer be possible. Some supermarkets have so far failed to differentiate between food and non-food products. The Colruyt group announces that all its supermarkets (Colruyt, Okay, Spar and Bio-Planet) will clearly distinguish … Read more

Come by closing time and involve your family: shopping cart n …

Prices in the supermarket are still more expensive than early March, pre-corona. Test-Achats deduces this from a sample of 267 products (no fruit, vegetables, fish or meat) in nine supermarket chains. How do you save several euros on that shopping cart? These experts provide budget-friendly tips. * Look at cheese per kilo A basic rule … Read more

You do not get a corona from a shopping cart –

For a long time, we approached shopping carts and door handles with great caution, because: corona. But the studies that showed the virus can survive for days on slippery surfaces have little to do with reality, a professor now says. You will not get sick from an elevator button. Professor of Microbiology Emanuel Goldman of … Read more

Amazon has started offering its smart cart to stores. It knows what you are buying and cashes in

A shopping cart that, without human help, can recognize the goods itself, weigh them and then add up the final price of the purchase. The so-called Dash Cart from Amazon can become an attraction for stores that are constantly trying to reduce personnel costs. However, fears that shops will completely do without cash registers will … Read more