China Evergrande reduced its holdings of 330 million shares of Hengteng Network to cash out 717 million Tencent as the largest shareholder-News-cnBeta.COM

According to news on November 5, according to media reports, the equity data of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange showed that China Evergrande sold Hengteng Network shares successively on November 4 and 5.The total cash out is about 717 million Hong Kong dollars, and the shareholding ratio has dropped from 26.55% to 22.98%.It is reported … Read more

Slovakia does not want “small”. The price for the purchase in cash will be rounded

One- and two-cent coins end in Slovakia. From the summer of next year, the purchase price in cash will be rounded to the nearest 5 eurocents. The Slovak parliament decided to change the law. With this step, the country wants to reduce the use of small coins, similarly to other countries in the eurozone. When … Read more

Berlin Airport Asks For Cash To Avoid Bankruptcy – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BERLIN, OCTOBER 30 – The Berlin-Brandenburg airport, which opened last year after an eight-year delay, already needs a quick injection of liquidity to avoid bankruptcy. “We need the money fast, we need the cash,” CEO Aletta von Massenbach told the Tagesspiegel newspaper. Sufficient liquidity is needed to continue operating “until the first quarter … Read more

SET allows K, K-W1, NBC, SK, WAVE, WAVE-W2 to use cash balance from November 1 to 9.

Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Announcement of securities that fall under the regulatory measures ระดับ 1 : Cash Balance หลักทรัพย์ ชื่อย่อ วันเริ่มต้น วันสิ้นสุด บมจ.คิงส์เมน ซี.เอ็ม.ที.ไอ. K 01 พ.ย. 2564 09 ธ.ค. 2564 ใบสำคัญแสดงสิทธิในการจองซื้อหุ้นสามัญ ของ บมจ.คิงส์เมน ซี.เอ็ม.ที.ไอ. ครั้งที่ 1 K-W1 01 พ.ย. 2564 09 ธ.ค. 2564 บมจ.เนชั่น บรอดแคสติ้ง คอร์ปอเรชั่น NBC 01 พ.ย. 2564 19 พ.ย. 2564 … Read more

This 39-year-old woman is a big-time criminal and drug gang, the state confiscates IDR 401 billion in cash

The Attorney General’s Office ordered that the younger sister’s assets, What Johana Usuga worth 107 billion Colombian pesos or equivalent to more than IDR 401 billion to be confiscated. TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – The Colombian government reportedly sent around 500 troops and 22 helicopters to attack the hideout of a high-profile criminal. This is because Colombian special … Read more

Rp11 Billion Cash Withdrawal, Billionaire Asks Bank Officers To Calculate Manually

Jakarta, Insertlive – A billionaire from China made a scene after feeling offended by the attitude of a bank employee when he was about to take his savings money. Initially, the man who was nicknamed ‘Sunwear’ was offended by being reminded to wear a mask by a bank officer. In fact, the billionaire expressed his … Read more

Returning Rp700 million found, this teenager was rewarded with a lot of luck

loading… MONROVIA – A teenage boy in Liberia found $50,000 (over 700 million) in plastic wrap. He chose to return the money to its owner and the action has made him an impromptu celebrity. Emmanuel Tuloe (19) continues to be approached by luck after his commendable actions. He won public praise and made headlines in … Read more

you can guess your PIN code even if the cash dispenser keypad is hidden!

When you type your PIN code on an ATM, it is generally advisable to cover the keypad with the other hand, in order to guard against possible pirate cameras which could film the entry without your knowledge. Unfortunately, researchers from the University of Padua (Italy) and Delft (Netherlands) have just shown that it is still … Read more

The Central Bank of Cuba does not foresee changes in the suspension of dollar deposits in cash

The presiding minister of the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC), Marta Sabina Wilson González, said this Monday that no changes are foreseen in the temporary suspension of the entry of dollars in cash into the Cuban banking system, a measure which came into force on June 21. According to the official, the embargo American “prevents … Read more