he catches the ball to take the penalty and shoots his teammate away

Federico Bernardeschi is increasingly the technical and emotional leader of Toronto: he proclaims himself the team’s penalty taker, pushing away his teammate and then scoring with confidence. At the end of the match won in Nashville, the cameras are all for him: the team boss’s speech also arrives. By beating Nashville 4-3 away, the Toronto … Read more

Fire brigade catches serval who had been loose for days in and around Ghent: “Quite risky operation”

As far as De Craene’s team could estimate, the animal was in good health. The serval will be transferred to the Opglabbeek Nature Relief Center where it will be further examined and cared for. “Animal welfare is already aware. Perhaps the serval, which is considered an illegal pet in our country, will be confiscated.”

Unvaccinated young American catches polio, first case in almost 10 years – Joop

• Yesterday • reading time 1 minutes • 2351 views • keep In 1979, US authorities declared that the dreaded disease polio had been eradicated after a successful mass vaccination campaign. But the vociferous anti-vax movement is busy reversing those advances, too. A young adult contracted polio a month ago in Rockland County, a part … Read more

A Bahraini catches a jellyfish without stinging it… What is the secret of its movement?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– Jellyfish have long been considered among the beautiful creatures that usually catch the eye of underwater photographers, but their stings can sometimes change your mind. There are many types of jellyfish, most of which are poisonous, such as the one photographed by the Bahraini adventurer Ahmed Al-Ansari, on Al Saya … Read more

Use: The plane catches fire after landing

On Sunday, a low-cost Spirit Airlines plane, which landed at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Florida, caught fire on the runway after one of the truck’s brakes overheated. The firefighters rushed in and the flames were extinguished after a few minutes. No injuries were reported. The aircraft will be temporarily removed from service for maintenance. … Read more

Ferrari car catches fire during the Formula 1 race

The Austrian Grand Prix, the 11th round of the Formula 1 World Championship, which took place on Sunday, witnessed the fire of the car of the Spanish Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz. Carlos Sainz was forced to exit the 57th lap of the race at the Spielberg circuit, after smoke came out of his engine, before … Read more

Hong Kong parliamentarian catches coronavirus after taking photo with Xi Jinping

Jakarta – A Hong Kong lawmaker who has had a photo session with top Chinese officials, Xi Jinping, has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. CNA reported that Steven Ho, a 42-year-old member of Hong Kong’s largest pro-Beijing party, was one of about 100 officials in close contact with Xi for a photo call on Thursday … Read more