The war for mortgages intensifies and Liberbank goes after Real Madrid partners

The war that banks keep open to try to retain customers takes another step. Liberbank is launched for the partners of the Real Madrid with a mortgage with more advantageous conditions, such as an interest rate of 1.15% with a maximum term of 30 years. Of course, as in everything, it is advisable to read … Read more

Santander One is already a reality: these are the changes that customers will see in their accounts

Santander One has officially arrived at the entity chaired by Ana Botín. Since this week, the bank has begun to migrate the accounts of its old clients 123. During this process, which will last until mid-February, we will have to pay attention since it comes with changes in the requirements to be met to get … Read more

The Ibex, waiting for ‘Santa-Boris’ to announce the Brexit agreement

Christmas Eve at least busy. The whole market is waiting for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announce this morning (some say he will appear at 9 a.m., others at 11 a.m.) that an agreement on Brexit has been reached once the differences, mainly over fishing, have been settled. This Wednesday Johnson was expected to appear … Read more

JP Morgan still confident in the Brexit deal: raises the probability to 70%

JP MorganUnlike the market, he has no doubts and believes now more than ever that there is a good chance that the United Kingdom and the European Union will reach a agreement last minute that allows to lay the foundations of a trade without tariffs once the Brexi. The confidence of the US bank is … Read more

The Brexit agreement in extremis, a “glob” that “will not leave large increases in the pound”

Brexit has arrived and has passed another of those deadlines self-imposed by the negotiating teams in London and Brussels and that have been skipping the bullfight to continue turning the same insurmountable points, without being able to close a free trade agreement before December 31st. Three weeks before “the real ‘D-Day’ is reached,” analysts recall, … Read more

The French veto to Brexit, a maneuver for another extension in 2021 although there is agreement

The news that France has threatened to veto the Brexit deal They are beginning to shape the markets to accept that despite the fact that the treaty that will govern trade relations from January 1 closes on time, the Brexit drama will not come to an end on December 31, as we all hope. The … Read more

Vaccines and Biden, the binomial of “strong profits” for Europe in 2021

As the second wave of the pandemic gradually recedes in most of Europe, experts and analysts are optimistic about growth in 2021. Mind you, green shoots will arrive after a “mediocre” winter, say Berenberg experts. The confinements and restrictions will continue to be the trend after Christmas, while the old continent awaits the ‘third wave’, … Read more

Brexit flirts with disaster and “leads the pound to falls of 10% if there is no agreement”

The summit of the European Union (EU) this November has passed without pain or glory for the drama of Brexit and there have been no progress in the negotiations. At this point, and given the few weeks that remain until the extension of December 31, there are few possibilities on the table: “A pyrrhic free … Read more

Not only Brexit: the EU gambles 1.8 trillion in a summit ‘animated’ by Hungary and Poland

New key appointment in Europe. EU leaders meet again this Thursday with several key issues on the table: the financial future of the Union, give a more coordinated approach to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the possibility of a modest post-Brexit trade deal with the United Kingdom. “They are three hard nuts … Read more