Wild cats are already venturing to Budapest

Hiding predators is at least as difficult to spot as distinguishing them from tabby domestic cats. A project has been launched to survey and protect the population of the Pilisi Park Forest, and even the installation of new wildcats may be considered near the capital. Few are lucky enough to be able to observe a … Read more

Why do cats like to interrupt our play session? A practice that improves the relationship

Cats have a reason to intervene at controllers and keyboards, and it ties in a lot with their feline personality. If you have a cat, you will already be used to all its peculiarities. If you want to make the bed, they will go crazy playing with the sheets. If you want to be well … Read more

Traveling to DIY No More Cats Needed

Yogyakarta – The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, finally gave permission to the local government DIY to open tourist destinations other than the seven that have been recommended. However, the permit is given to the destination proposed by the local government. “So, according to the request from the governor, the mayor, it … Read more

Healing cute master Kabo is here! Logitech X co-branded keyboard and mouse with cats, cats, insects, and Kabo, madly instigating “softness with strength” craze | 4Gamers

Leading the trend once again, Logitech X and Mao Mao Chong Kabo jointly launched the Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse Logitech is co-branded with the super-popular healing lover-Kabo, and launched the “Logitech X Diary of Cats and Insects Kabo with Power” co-branded wireless mouse combo and keyboard and mouse gift box. From work, life to imagination, … Read more

Péter Haumann: This is the last time I have performed on stage

I have a feeling that this is the last time I’ve performed on stage. I will still have acting, but no longer on stage. I have completed this part of my profession Said RTL Focus in his show Peter Haumann after the one-fifth hundredth performance of Cats. The musical for the Madách Theater was premiered … Read more

The VRT sanctions its sports journalist Eddy Demarez after his inappropriate comments about the Belgian Cats

He commented on sexual orientation, physical appearance and the name of the national women’s basketball team. Posted on 09/16/2021 at 5:52 p.m. Through Writing with Belga LThe VRT management imposed a sanction on Sporza journalist Eddy Demarez, as well as on another employee of the Flemish public broadcaster in response to offensive statements against the … Read more

The protagonist of “Forspoken” ventures into another world, but players are more concerned about the cute cats left behind | PC | NOW Video Games

The protagonist of “Forspoken” ventures into another world, but players are more concerned about the cute cats left behind | PC | NOW Video Games We’re sorry but NOWgame doesn’t work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue. .

So much land is needed to feed all dogs and cats on Earth – Wel.nl

Fikkie, Minoes, Nala or Bello, they may be the sweetest dogs and cats on earth, but they can’t live on air. And food production leads to CO2 emissions. Your pet is therefore a considerable environmental polluter. Researchers have listed the exact extent of the damage. They only looked at dry food from dogs and cats. … Read more

Lavrinovich animals: non-flying turtles, rescued cats, strange breed dogs | Names

The Lavrinovičiai brothers told about their animals to the LNK show “Gyvūnų pasaulis”, which will be released on Saturday at 17:55. “We have had a bitch Sofia for 5 years. We’ve always had animals, but some come, others come out, as you can, you know. Now I have Maltip, a poodle mixed with a Maltese … Read more