The rock art of La Pasiega recovers its splendor

The cave art of La Pasiega cave recovers its splendor, as revealed by the conservation and restoration work carried out by the Ministry of Culture in the hands of the specialist Eudald Guillamet. According to experts, these tasks are offering “spectacular” results. The tasks currently running on This content is exclusive for subscribers Unlimited access … Read more

Paleolithic art: bison ‘in French fashion’ in a cave in the Basque Country

It was the age of the caves. Life passed on the threshold, where natural light reached. But in the bowels of the caves, art emerged. Paleolithic paintings were part of that place for rituals and symbolism. Hands and animals. Among the last, bison and horses. The rock art recently discovered in caves of Aitzbitarte (Guipúzcoa) … Read more

Christian Cueva was caught dancing in the streets of Turkey before his training sessions with Yeni Malatyaspor | Peruvian Selection | VIDEO | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

Updated 10/27/2020 at 6:23 PM Christian Cueva he has a great time in Turkey. After some sporting problems he had in Brazil in recent years, the midfielder of the Peruvian Selection seems to have found tranquility in a team that has him as one of their main offensive cards. ‘Aladino’ does not hide his joy … Read more

Two charged after the cave party – considering several charges – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

– The two are currently charged with unauthorized access and stay in the bunker. The police will continuously assess whether the charge should be extended or whether more people should be charged, police lawyer Julie Wangensteen Lien told NRK. The accused persons are not in custody, and the risk of evidence being lost is continuously … Read more

E-commerce:, a new online Alibaba cave for French-speaking consumers

Very close to Delhaize, the Dutch e-commerce giant is launching its French application this Monday for the inhabitants of Brussels and Walloons. Rivalry in sight with Amazon. Ct is one of the effects of the health crisis on trade: online shopping has experienced exceptional growth in our country which, it must be admitted, was firmly … Read more

Goodbye to Gabo’s great companion

Mercedes Barcha, widow of Gabriel García Márquez, died last Saturday, August 15 at 2:30 pm, according to sources close to the family. The ‘daughter of the Sucre apothecary’, as her husband describes her in his memoirs, was 87 years old and lived in Mexico City. Barcha was born in Magangué on November 6, 1932. She … Read more