Super-gamer: Henry Cavill built a powerful computer and made it viral on his networks

“This kind of material is not for everyone … it is recommended at the viewer’s discretion. They can see many parts that they never saw before,” he warned Henry Cavill sharing on Instagram, and to the beat of Barry White, how a super gamer PC was built from scratch. It is known that the actor … Read more

Henry Cavill defends the Zack Snyder cut and assures that it must be released whether they agree or not

After much asking for it, fans campaigning on social media to make it happen and Zack Snyder sharing previews of his version of League of Justice – 41% It has finally become a reality and will be released next year. Many are the opinions that this news has unleashed and there are both against and … Read more

Henry Cavill rejected to play James Bond for chubby

Henry Cavill rejected to play James Bond for chubby | AP To the famous actor Henry Cavill, recognized for his roles in “Superman” and “The Witcher” has revealed that he was rejected for James Bond for being uploaded from weight, something that undoubtedly marked his artistic career a lot. Henry Cavill He is one of … Read more

Superman star Henry Cavill builds his own gaming PC with a lot of RGB – Gaming – Geeks

Even if you are a wealthy international movie star, it is sometimes more fun to build a PC yourself than to buy a ready-made model. Superman and Witcher actor Henry Cavill put together his own rig and made a video of it. Fortunately, The Witcher also likes RGB. Cavill built the PC and set a … Read more