Ahmed El Khannouss in the crosshairs of the cdH ethics committee

The ethics committee of the cdH was seized on Friday of the case of the municipal councilor of Molenbeek, Ahmed El Khannouss, author of a controversial message on social networks about Mohamed Toujgani, main imam of the Al Khalil mosque in Molenbeek, a- we confirmed at the party headquarters. The Secretary of State for Asylum … Read more

the cdH files conflict of interest motions against the federal bill of the Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke

Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 4:52 p.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga The opposition cdH announced on Tuesday the tabling of various conflict of interest motions against the federal bill by Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke to review the quota for Inami numbers. These motions were introduced Tuesday before the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels … Read more

The underside of the resignation of Opaline Meunier, excluded from the presidency of the Young CDH for having denounced a theft

Opaline Meunier left the presidency of the Young CDH after a long internal conflict. The departure of Opaline Meunier from the presidency of the Young CDH is it the result of a resignation or a dismissal? A bit of both. To understand it, we have to go back through the chronology. On December 31, the … Read more

“I was not dismissed, I resigned from the Young CDH”, proclaims Opaline Meunier

This Thursday, the general assembly of the Young CDH recorded the resignation of its president, Opaline Meunier. La Montoise has decided to withdraw a few months from the new elections. “I’m taking a break to devote myself to a new challenge. “ ****** ** ****** **** ********* ************** **** *********** *** ****** **** ******** ********* … Read more

Opaline Meunier resigns from the presidency of young cdH

The general assembly recorded his resignation on Thursday. From January, she will teach social sciences to students from technical secondary 3 to BAC 3 in high school. Announcing a “political break”, however, she retains her local mandate in Mons, where she was elected in 2018 on the list led by the current president of MR … Read more

A pro-vaccine deputy targeted by a Molotov cocktail: the cdH calls for a “web court”

Is part of the fringe hostile to the Covid-19 vaccine being radicalized? A Molotov cocktail was thrown on Saturday at the house of Pascal Arimont, German-speaking MEP, in Bullange, in the east of the province of Liège. The explosive was thrown at his home in the middle of the night, while he was there with … Read more

Human losses and damage could have been limited during the floods, according to cdH François Desquesnes

Were there any failures by the Walloon Region in the management of flood warnings last July? This is the question asked by opposition MP François Desquenes. He went through the data received by the hydrological service of the SPW. Incomprehensible that the alert had not been given much sooner, he said, especially with the information … Read more

the cdH opposes the reimbursement

Some 12,000 small independents – who mistakenly received Covid aid of 3,500 euros instead of the 3,250 euros initially planned – recently received a message from the Walloon Region calling on them to reimburse the difference. Nonsense, according to the cdH which tried, in vain, to modify the agenda of the plenary session of this … Read more

Some even rave about Hitler: Defense wants to search house … (Interior)

House searches in three army barracks and in 8 private homes The action Wednesday morning was framed against soldiers with extreme right ideology. — ©  Tom Palmaers Detectives raided the army barracks of Florennes, Sint-Truiden and Heverlee on Wednesday morning. In the crosshairs: five soldiers who have been followed for a while for their right-wing … Read more

Maxime Prévot, the anti Georges-Louis Bouchez, prefaces the break with the CDH: “I no longer support the sewer policy”

Maxime Prévot announces a break within the CDH and sees himself as an “antidote to simplicity”. Maxime Prévot, funny, receives us at the new and discreet headquarters of the CDH, rue du Commerce, a few days before the congress scheduled for September 12 in La Louvière. This Sunday will be a decisive step in the … Read more