How to get a mortgage without a CDI?

Being granted a substantial home loan on good terms when you are on a fixed-term or temporary contract is not easy. The absence of overdraft and a regular savings effort are key elements in obtaining financing at low rates. “Granting a mortgage to an employee on a fixed-term contract, you don’t think about it!”. In … Read more

They inspect the adequacy of the CDI of the Sucre de Caracas parish for asymptomatic patients with COVID-19

The Head of Government of the Capital District (GDC), Jacqueline farias, inspected the adequacy of the Integral Diagnostic Center (CDI) Alberto Granados, located in the Sucre parish of Caracas, for asymptomatic patients with COVID-19. The information was released through his account on the social network Twitter @JacquelinePSUV, in which he explained that they are working … Read more

They install 17 beds and 20 oxygen intakes in the Maternity CDI in San Juan parish for patients with COVID-19

This Saturday 17 beds and 20 oxygen intakes were installed in the Integral Diagnostic Center (CDI) María del Mar Álvarez, Avenida San Martín, in Maternity, San Juan de Caracas parish, to care for moderate and severe COVID-19 patients, announced the mayor of the Bolivariano Libertador municipality, Erika Farías. He also reported that earlier he was … Read more

How the Philips CD-i died a silent death: ‘The consumer was confused’

It came on the market in the early 1990s and should have been a great success: the CD-i player from Philips. A multimedia system with which you could really do everything. Watching movies, playing games, looking up information. It was not a great success. The device fell into obscurity. But the almost complete CD-i collection … Read more

2 CDI transformed into Intensive Care Units for the care of patients with Covid-19 in Maracaibo

He Bolivarian Government enabled 2 Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers (CDI) as Intensive Care Units to care for patients with Covid-19, informed the director of Health of the Maracaibo municipality, Zulia state, Lismar Rojas. From the CDI Corito, he expressed: “To get ahead of the issue of the spread of the virus, we have been strengthening the … Read more