DKI Satpol PP Budget Ceiling Increases Rp. 405 Billion, TNI Gets Grants Rp. 337 Billion

JAKARTA, – Pag budget Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) DKI Jakarta increased by IDR 405 billion. This was conveyed in the work report of Commission A DPRD DKI Jakarta when discussing the draft DKI 2023 regional expenditure budget (RAPBD), Thursday (24/11/2022) evening. “For Satpol PP, the ceiling for the 2023 FY RKA/Raperda is … Read more

“Birža Laikmatis”: market participants are waiting for the EU’s decision on the Russian oil price ceiling

The S&P 500 rose 1.36 percent yesterday, “Dow Jones1.18 percent. M. Daly, head of the San Francisco Fed Bank, stated that the central bank should act cautiously, bearing in mind that the effect of the already implemented interest rate increases on the economy has not yet been fully revealed. November The Fed’s Richmond industrial sector … Read more

The EC proposes to set a wholesale price ceiling for natural gas :: Dienas Bizness

The Ministry of Economy (ME) will encourage companies to compensate 50% of the price of electricity above 160 euros per megawatt hour (MWh), inform the representatives of the ME. Taking into account the rapid increase in the price of energy resources, which creates a risk for the population’s ability to pay heating bills, as well … Read more

The EC proposed a price ceiling of 275 euros per MWh for gas contracts in the TTF

The price ceiling should only apply to futures contracts for the following month. For its automatic activation, it will be necessary for prices in the TTF to be at least 58 euros higher than the average price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the world market. The energy ministers of the EU countries will discuss … Read more

Maneuver, the new ceiling on the price of energy applies to renewables and not to gas and coal. Bonelli: “an unfair and strong government with the weak”

In economic maneuver from 35 billion (21 of which destined for expensive energy) approved by the Council of Ministers, the tax on extra profits is the same for all energy companies (without any distinction between more or less polluting sources), going from 25 to 35%, while it concerns only renewable sources another measure proposed by … Read more

Introduction of price ceiling for energy as of January 1 unsettled

ANP Jan Kleinnijenhuis reporter News Hour Jan Kleinnijenhuis reporter News Hour It is highly questionable whether the price ceiling for energy can come into effect on 1 January. Energy suppliers still do not know exactly what the scheme should look like, and fear that their systems will not be ready in time to implement the … Read more