Lithuania celebrates Independence Day / Article

In Lithuania, on Thursday, March 11, Independence Day is celebrated. 31 years ago, the Supreme Council of Lithuania adopted the Act “On the Restoration of the Independent State of Lithuania”. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the celebrations will be quieter than usual this year, but there will be a number of traditional events. The festive … Read more

Kuldiga Art and Creative Cluster Celebrates Dragonfly Festival Press release

August 28, 2020 The information was prepared by Kristīne Duļbinska, Head of the Marketing and Public Relations Department of Kuldīga Municipality. On Friday, August 28, in Kuldīga, Kalpaka Street 4, a dragonfly festival was celebrated in the future Kuldīga Art and Creative Cluster within the project “Magnets of the Cultural Heritage and Art Creativity of … Read more

Orlando Bloom Celebrates! Katy Perry gave birth to a baby girl! Here is the first photo!

Actor Orlando Bloom has announced the joyous news. His patker, singer Katy Perry, gave birth to a baby girl. She was named Daisy Dove Bloom. Fans first learned about Katy Perry’s pregnancy in the spring through a video for the song Never Worn White. Both parents are also partners of the UNIFEC children’s fund, and … Read more

Windows 95 celebrates 25 years of existence – ICT actualité

This August 24, it is a quarter of a century that Microsoft launched Windows 95. The arrival of the operating system has taught us to know the start button and the dance steps of Bill Gates. Windows 95 succeeded Windows 3.1, released in 1992, and was visually a whole different system from its predecessor. We … Read more

Trump celebrates funeral for his brother Robert at the White House

The president of the USA, Donald Trump, celebrated this Friday the funeral for his younger brother, Robert, who died on August 15 in New York, in the White House, where there were no funerals with the body of the deceased present since 1963 after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Family members of the … Read more

Salzburg Festival celebrates its 100th birthday

The Salzburg Festival is celebrating its 100th birthday today: On August 22nd, 1920, the festival was born with the first “Jedermann” in front of Salzburg Cathedral, which has since developed into one of the most important in the world. The festival has therefore declared this Saturday to be “Everyman Day”, on which, among other things, … Read more

PHOTO: domestic band “Double Faced Eels” celebrates the release of a new album in a happy atmosphere in Old Riga

Coincidentally, “Unformat” is the band’s twentieth-year album, and it’s actually significant because we’ve found our new identity. No more joking punk rock, no serious guitar rock, no dance music, but DFE. With “Unformat” we celebrate the fact that we differ in the fact that we are not afraid to be both inappropriately heavy for pop … Read more

Litvinov – Jr. Boleslav 4: 2, Done. Litvínov celebrates winning and advancing

The Generali Česká Cup summer hockey cup had the only match on the program on Wednesday, in which Litínov defeated Mladá Boleslav 4: 2 in group B. The North Bohemians moved to the front of the table and secured their progress. Illustration photo: Hockey players of Litvínov rejoice at the goal during the match of … Read more

Pop diva Madonna celebrates her birthday grandly

Pop diva Madonna has shared on social networks pictures showing her 62nd birthday celebration. Judging by the pictures, Madonna had gone to Jamaica with her family and friends on her birthday. Along with Madonna, both her daughter Lourdes and the singer’s beloved husband Ahlamalik William were much younger than themselves. Madonna was not ashamed to … Read more