A charming betrayal of ideals. Citroën Xantia celebrates 30 years, it sacrificed the avant-garde for pleasantness

Brands like Citroën, Lancia and Saab show how the world of consumer goods has less room for originality and eccentricity. Citroën survived, but in the 1990s it had to clarify where it belonged. The 1993 Xantia took the first step towards mainstream taste. Rock fans never forgave her, but 1.5 million customers enjoyed seeing the … Read more

Alcaraz swept Medvedev in the final and celebrates his return to the tennis throne in Indian Wells

Nineteen-year-old Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz defeated Daniil Medvedev from Russia 6:3, 6:2 in the final of the Indian Wells tournament and returned to the first place in the world rankings. Alcaraz dethroned Novak Djokovic, the winner of a record 22 Grand Slams, from the top of the rankings. The Spanish talent first reached the … Read more

LEGIONAIRE UNDER THE GLASS: Vaclík celebrates his first win in England after a great performance, Černý reigned again

“An important victory and a mental boost that we really needed before the national team break,” Vaclík celebrated the successful duel on Twitter. He brought Huddersfield to a successful end thanks to the significant contribution of the former goalkeeper of Sparta Prague and Sevilla. The experienced goalkeeper shone with four successful saves, to Vaclík in … Read more

Natalie Vértiz celebrates her son’s birthday with a fun theme: “His creativity surprises me” (VIDEO) | farandula-celebs-peru-yaco esskenazi | SHOWS

The host of “Estás En Todas”, Natalie Vertizcelebrated his eldest son’s ninth birthday this week with a fun-themed party. LOOK AT THIS: Yaco Eskenazi mocks Shakira’s crying: “But if women only bill, they no longer cry” (VIDEO) Through her Instagram account, the model received questions about the decoration she had chosen for the minor’s name … Read more

Jan Verheyen celebrates sixtieth birthday: “People thought I was arrogant, but in Hollywood the sharp edges have been filed off” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

BVIt is a double anniversary year for Jan Verheyen: Saturday he celebrates his 60th birthday and the director has a total of 20 films to his name. He therefore realizes that he has less time left than he already has. From this summer, Verheyen will therefore press the pause button. The film director candidly tells … Read more

Yaya celebrates her 30th birthday happily! There is a moment of cake stained on the face. The sweetness comes to the max!

Yaya Urassaya meets Nadech Kugimiya with her friends, organizing a surprise birthday, 30 years old, lightly sloppy with a full-face cake moment. But full of sweetness Image from Instagram urassayas Celebrating the 30th birthday in a very happy way for the female protagonist Yaya Urassaya, who recently (March 18, 2023) has revealed a sweet picture … Read more

Great performance, Dubovská was seventh in the slalom in Soldeu. Slovenka Vlhová celebrates the triumph

Dubovské failed the first round, after which she was only 18th. In the second, however, the thirty-one-year-old Czech representative improved, and the problems of her opponents also helped her move up the rankings. Six of them did not finish the second round. In the final standings, Dubovská improved to seventh place with a loss of … Read more

She survived in the rubble, connected to her mother by an umbilical cord. The “miracle child” celebrates 40 days

The story of a “miracle baby” who was born in the rubble when his mother died captured the world’s attention when an earthquake hit southern Turkey and northwestern Syria on February 6. The website reported that she turned 40 days old, which is an important milestone in Syrian culture Al Jazeerawhose journalists met with the … Read more

Classics/Diaz celebrates the accidental reimbursement of Baez, Trout still supports WBC | Classics | Sports

Diaz, the most expensive finisher in the US professional class, participated in theclassicAfter the game, the celebration and injury caused heated discussions, which may make the team even less supportive of the players’ participation, and the legitimacy of the game will be questioned; The World Baseball Classic (WBC), hosted by the Major League Baseball and … Read more