Daniela Katzenberger is planning a beauty intervention

Daniela Katzenberger (33) gives a lot of insights into her private life on Instagram. Nor does she keep any secrets about her beauty interventions and shares this with her community. Which she plans now we tell you in the video. Daniela Katzenberger shares honest pictures Daniela Katzenberger is not only honest about what is artificial […]

“We don’t bully here, I do comedy”

Oliver Pocher (42) does not mince words in his heme against the influencers and receives a lot of criticism for his videos on Instagram. The moderator is currently faced with violent allegations of bullying. Oliver Pocher comments on bullying allegations To finally put an end to this, Oliver Pocher talks about it in his Instagram […]

Menowin Fröhlich has dropped 15 kilos

Moving into the “Big Brother” house on Sat.1 a few weeks ago, Menowin Fröhlich (32) not only started a new television project, but also the implementation of a personal goal. The former DSDS candidate had planned to lose a few pounds. At the beginning of his diet, the 32-year-old weighed almost 128 kilos. Menowin told […]

Yikes, what’s going on here? Motsi Mabuse cuddles with Günther Jauch

Did we miss something? Motsi Mabuse (39) posts a photo on Instagram, in which she turtles with Günther Jauch (63). But wait, aren’t Motsi and Günther both forgiven? What is really behind the picture you can see in the video. Motsi Mabuse and Günther Jauch – Are the two a couple? Motsi Mabuse writes about […]