Why Intel Is Dropping the Celeron and Pentium Names for “Intel® Processor” and Why It’s Completely Stupid

In a rather incomprehensible marketing impulse, Intel announces that it will abandon the Pentium and Celeron brands in 2023 in favor of a completely cryptic “Processor”. In addition to the disappearance of well-known brands, we regret the use of a generic word which will lead to confusion. Does your laptop have a processor? At the … Read more

Intel will not use Celeron and Pentium brands on low-end laptops

Mustafa Ciftci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images The Celeron and Pentium brands, which have been with Intel since the 1990s, seem to be finally coming to retirement.previous companyAnnounce, from 2023, the Celeron and Pentium logos on low-end laptops will be replaced by a more unified “Intel Processor”. Core, Evo, vPro and other names will not be affected by … Read more

Intel processor will replace Pentium and Celeron in laptops in 2023, after 30 years the Pentium finally disappears

Intel is replacing its Pentium and Celeron brands with a simple Intel processor. This new brand will replace the two existing brands in 2023 laptops and should make it easier for consumers looking to buy cheap laptops. Today, Intel is introducing a new processor for the essential products space: Intel Processor. This new offering will … Read more

Intel is phasing out Pentium and Celeron brands

Intel Pentium processors have been around since 1993. In the future, like Celeron models, they will simply be called Intel processors. Processors with the Intel Pentium designation were still the measure of all things in personal computers in the 1990s. Now Intel has announcedthat the brand names Pentium and Celeron will soon be a thing … Read more