Celeste developer shows teaser of new game Earthblade – Gaming – News

I really loved Celeste! I was able to entertain me for hours, especially with the B-side levels. Wonderfully tough in terms of difficulty and never really had the idea that it was the game when I died. Soundtrack is also really to enjoy! The game costs ten euros Steam, definitely recommended if you’ve never played … Read more

Earthblade, the latest from the creators of Celeste, will propose an adventure of action and 2D exploration in pixel art

If there is a game that conquered us in 2018, that was Celeste. The work of Extremely OK Games dazzled and excited the world of video games, dealing with really complex issues such as depression and proposing a really complicated gameplay. More than three years after that launch, now the studio has announced what is … Read more

Celeste Muriega surprised when she confessed how her days were in Dubai with Maradona: “I had a fight with Rocío Oliva when I met her”

At present the name of Celeste Muriega sounds for his supposed romance with Hernan Drago But the truth is that the dancer lived a long time in Dubai because her boyfriend at that time worked with Diego Maradona. In a chat with Leandro Rud, she remembered that stage of her romance with Alejo Clérici and … Read more

María Celeste Arrarás returned to Univision after 20 years

This is how María Celeste returned to Univision. Photo: @vgmediapr / Courtesy If you saw today Maria Celeste Arrarás on the Univision screen we want to tell you that it is not a ‘retro Thursday’ but that the beloved journalist returned after 20 years, to what was her home for a long time. Invited by … Read more

the hard live moment of Celeste Muriega and Hernán Drago – GENTE Online

The spark between Celeste Muriega and Hernán Drago It can no longer be hidden, no matter how much they deny that there was – or is – a relationship between them. Because Guido the Duck, the driver of Welcome aboard (Eltrece) doesn’t get tired of asking the million dollar question every time they have to … Read more

Celeste Muriega’s tense moment, face to face with Hernán Drago in Welcome on board: “I’m single”

Although they acknowledged that they had been getting to know each other, the relationship between Hernan Drago and Celeste Muriega it never started, or at least it was only a friendship. They were both in Welcome aboard and Guido the Duck He did not miss the moment to ask them about their marital status. “I … Read more

Lali Espósito learned to dance pole dance and received praise from Flor Vigna, Celeste Cid and Flor Torrente, among others

Lali Esposito He captivated everyone with his participation in Sky Rojo. Despite dancing on stage during her shows, the actress surprised everyone by showing her qualities in pole dance. “First time I played a pole dance bar”Lali began by saying along with the videos of her dancing on the bar, both in the series and … Read more

Celeste Plak (25) available for Orange again after sabbatical: ‘I’m looking forward to it again’ | Other sports

Ten years of life as a top athlete at Orange and foreign top clubs, the 261-time international did not get cold clothes. “The pressure as a top athlete is enormous, also when it comes to volleyball. I have been in that mode since I was fourteen, ”she explains. Her entire sports life was all about … Read more

Hernán Drago admitted that Celeste Muriega likes: “She is a whole woman, but there is no romance or anything”

Hernán Drago spoke about the relationship with Celeste Muriega and protested because, according to him, they want him put on boyfriend. The model He reviewed one of the most talked about romances of the summer, but he lowered the decibels when he clarified that there was only one date to have a few mates. Hernán … Read more

Celeste took time in lockdown to regain control of her music | NOW

Celeste, who was considered the great musical promise of 2020, saw her plans for that year go up in smoke due to the corona crisis. The British soul singer tells in conversation with NU.nl that the extra time she got to complete her album ensured that she regained control of her own music. The 26-year-old … Read more