Celia Lora reveals to which actor she would send her an intimate photo

Celia Lora reveals to which actor she would send her an intimate photo Celia lora He has triumphed on his YouTube channel, after creating a section called “The corner of the jacket”, where he exposes infidels, and all those young people and adolescents who send him inappropriate messages, and even photos of their reproductive devices. … Read more

Celia Lora: the Mexican playmate who was censored by Instagram

Her scantily clad photographs have been censored on several occasions (Photo: Celia Lora’s Instagram)The irreverent, explosive and always sensual personality of Celia lora It does not stop attracting attention, but it is precisely because of these characteristics that Alex Lora’s daughter she has been punished on more than one occasion for the social networks she … Read more

😍 Is this the first smart watch to receive Celia, Huawei’s virtual assistant? 👍 RTV News

Huawei has managed to gain a unique position in the smart watch market. Its growth rates in this area are very high and this is already a brand to consider when it comes to these proposals. With constant news in this area, the brand is soon preparing to launch a new smart watch to the … Read more

Acapulco Shore 7 chapter 9: Celia did what she likes best

This new chapter of Acapulco Shore started with tense moments starring Mane and Dania, but as the minutes passed, things calmed down. The participants of the reality show were in the cantina, where they were received by the band El Recodo, who together with Jawy, Potro and Tadeo sang Jey the ‘vergamuerta’, a situation that … Read more