Case Maddie, a cellar hidden in the Hanover garden appears

Top secret operation – The first details are leaked, despite the silence of the experts, thanks to the reporters of some media that since the beginning of the operations are barricaded behind the barriers set up just to keep journalists away. While the Lower Saxony police operation, coordinated by the Prosecutor of Braunschweig, remains top … Read more

Maddie’s Missing Case: Police found a secret cellar in the garden

The garden is strictly guarded, the fence is covered with boards or tarpaulins so that the surroundings do not see how the search is progressing. Nevertheless, information about a surprising finding was made public. Police discovered a cellar, which apparently belonged to a small garden house. It was left on the plot after the previous … Read more

Maddie McCann case: police find cellar hidden under foundations on suspect’s grounds

Using several sniffer dogs and shovels, investigators continued to comb through a small area of ​​greenery in this subdivision located west of Hanover, in northern Germany. Large quantities of earth and stones were transported outside the well-crisscrossed site by many members of the police, according to an AFP photographer. Investigators have not yet given any … Read more

Hundreds of liters of beer in the cellar after a leak in the Bussum pub: ‘A waste of beer’ | Inland

“One of the installations leaked and the entire basement was flooded,” owner Rogier Jansen told NH Nieuws. At first he could not find the cause of the knocked-out plugs until he got to the basement. “I suddenly stood there with two shoes in the beer.” The leaky tank, which can hold about a thousand liters … Read more