Supreme Court halts Census count for now – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

The Supreme Court of the United States stopped Tuesday, for the time being, that the count of people residing in the country continues until the end of October. President Donald Trump’s Administration had asked the high forum to suspend a district court order allowing the 2020 Census to continue until the end of the month. … Read more

New Central Florida COVID-19 Testing Sites, Rental Assistance Program, Protective Equipment, and the Census

The deadline has been extended to Saturday, October 31. Visited to respond to the census. It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out the Census, and the answers are important in determining federal and state funds that can be awarded to your city, helping hospitals, schools, and other basic resources. Responses are anonymous … Read more

Judge orders the 2020 Census to be extended until the end of October – Telemundo Utah

ORLANDO, Fla. – A federal judge on Thursday prevented the 2020 census campaign from ending at the end of September and ordered the once-a-decade count of U.S. residents to continue for another month through the end of October, saying shortening it could return inaccurate results. US District Judge Lucy Koh in California issued her ruling … Read more

Fewer questions, fill in in 15 minutes from your mobile or post office. The census will be easier

In the spring of next year, the Czechs will again fill in the Census questionnaires on paper and electronically. Compulsory data will be almost halved compared to the census ten years ago, and it will be easier to fill it in online. The statisticians will for the most part include data from the state, they … Read more