ALCALÁ DE HENARES / El Cervantes hosts the music of the ‘rebel’ violinist Strad

The group surprises us with their new show ‘Once upon a time’ on November 1 ALCALÁ DE HENARES / 26 OCTOBER 2020 / STRAD, a group of five young musicians with more than a hundred concerts on their first tour, arrives at the Cervantes Theater. ‘Once upon a time’ will take place on Sunday, November … Read more

Elías Cervantes, from Magneto, suffers a spectacular accident in La Huasteca

The member of the Magneto group, Elías Cervantes, suffered a spectacular accident on Friday morning while hiking in La Huasteca, Nuevo Leon. It may interest you Everything originated when other walkers accidentally threw a stone that fell on his head when the singer and his group began to descend from the place. Through his Instagram … Read more