Marrying Young Increases the Risk of Cervical Cancer, Myth or Fact?

Mom’s Life Annisa A Haibunda Thursday, 16 Mar 2023 15:00 WIB Jakarta – Marrying young is still a topic of discussion in society. Even though they have met the minimum age limit, marrying young is still something that needs to be watched out for because it risks causing disease. Some people believe that marrying young … Read more

Walloon hospitals launch a campaign and recall the importance of cervical cancer screening

In Belgium, this cancer affects 650 women per year. Regular screening can reduce the incidence and mortality of this cancer by 90%. However, doctors note that only 50% of Belgian women have recourse to a smear regularly. Yet it is a procedure that takes little time, is reimbursed every three years and has the ability … Read more

Romania is the EU country with the highest incidence and mortality from cervical cancer

The International Papillomavirus Association marks, globally, on March 4, International HPV (human papillomavirus) Awareness Day to draw attention to the risks associated with infection with this virus and the ways in which the diseases caused by it can be prevented, the Association reports Mothers for Mothers and the Coltea Clinical Hospital, in a press release … Read more

The woman, not only appreciated, but also protected. UMF Craiova campaign for the prevention of cervical cancer

In the month dedicated to women and on the occasion of the International HPV Awareness Day, the University of Pharmacy in Craiova initiates a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination protection against cervical cancer, with the message “Take care of your daughter!”. Cervical cancer can be eradicated through effective vaccination programs Almost … Read more

How to relieve torticollis? The sudden muscular contraction that generates cervical pain and stiffness | Health & Wellness

Torticollis can generate intense pain in the cervical area and stiffness. One of the factors that can give rise to this muscle contracture is adopting a prolonged bad posture over time. It has happened to more than one person that they have woken up with a stiff neckan uncomfortable feeling when trying to rotate the … Read more

Took Jupe’s Life at a Young Age, Signs of Cervical Cancer Can Appear during Intimate Relationships with Partners

Cancer Saturday, February 25, 2023 | 12:25 WIB The signs of cervical cancer that took Jupe’s life (Tribune News Collage) – The departure of Julia Perez, or often called Jupe, a few years ago left deep scars. What’s more, Jupe looked healthy and didn’t even seem to have a terminal illness. Even Jupe is … Read more

Dr. Tofan: The National Movement for Cervical Cancer Screening Must Be a Priority

SuaraCianjur.Id- Cervical cancer is still a serious problem in Indonesia, where the number of people with this cancer remains high and can be life threatening. Data from the Indonesian Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology (POGI) shows that 77.9 percent of patients who come to the doctor are in an advanced stage. In fact, there are … Read more

Reasons for Cervical Cancer to be the Second Highest Case for Women

Jakarta: Cervical cancer is a scourge for women. Because women are most at risk of experiencing this disease. This fact was stated in a survey in Indonesia, that cervical cancer is in second place as the most risky cancer for women. Cervical cancer has the most cases after breast cancer, namely around 36,333 new cases … Read more

Why vaccination and screening reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer? – Health

1 What is cervical cancer? Almost all cancers of the cervix are linked to human papillomavirus infections (HPV-Human papillomavirus at high risk). This virus is transmitted by contact with the skin and mucous membranes, often during sexual intercourse. It should be noted that the condom, if it makes it possible to limit contact with the … Read more