The co-driver in the Českolipsko region was fined for her belt, an hour later he saved her life

As part of a security operation, police officers checked drivers in the village of Stružnice and also stopped the aforementioned Citroën. The sixty-three-year-old co-driver was fined 200 crowns and the patrol instructed her to use the belt. An hour later, he sent the same operational patrol to the accident of three cars to the village […]

Police forced a passenger to strap himself in. They saved her life

Police stopped a 63-year-old female driver in the village of Stružnice in the Českolipsko region. “I found out through binoculars that in one vehicle the passenger was unrestrained. The lady apologized to her that she was sorry that she had just forgotten. I saved her 200 crowns,” described the intervening police officer Ondřej Ričičář. This […]