A dangerous parasite has appeared in the Český Krumlov pond and is burrowing into the skin

Hygienists therefore appeal to the public not to bathe in the pond in any case. In addition, there is also an increased incidence of cyanobacteria. People who went to the pond to swim in the hygienists drew the attention of the hygienists to the cloudy water. They were worried that the pond was polluted by … Read more

ON-LINE: Tragic collision of trains in Český Brod, clearing work has begun

9:11 – On the line from Chrudim to Pardubice, the red train passed on Monday. On the line from Chrudim to Pardubice, the red train passed on Monday. No accident happened, the incident was without injuries, the spokesman of the Railway Inspectorate, Martin Drápal, told ČTK. Due to the investigation, the operation was suspended for … Read more

Train crash between Úvaly and Český Brod: over 30 injured

According to the information Blesk.cz the driver of the passenger train did not respect the red light on the signal. According to spokeswoman Petra Effenberger, rescuers treated four seriously injured, 31 passengers were lightly injured. However, according to firefighters, only two people were seriously injured. According to the Railway Inspectorate, the accident happened at 9:35 … Read more

Two trains collided in Český Brod, dozens of people were injured on the spot

“At 21:40 we received a report at the operations center about the collision of two trains. There are a larger number of injured there and it looks like some serious injuries, “firefighter spokeswoman Vladimíra Kereková told Novinka, saying that seven fire brigades and the rescue service had set out. “The City Elephant and the mail … Read more