Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “The virus challenged me and I beat him. But you are not Zlatan, do not challenge the virus”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined the campaign to respect the rules of social distancing and the use of masks against COVID-19. The AC Milan player promoted a video broadcast on Thursday by the Lombardy region after the virus rebound in Italy. As is known, the Swedish star caught the coronavirus but knew how to recover quickly. Therefore, … Read more

Qatar 2022 qualifiers: Julio Bascuñán and the day he challenged the VAR: they asked him for the red card,

Julio Bascuñán, the controversial Chilean referee of Peru vs Brazil for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers has been the target of memes, ridicule, criticism and insults on social media for his lousy actions as head judge. However, it is not the first time. LOOK: RAÚL RUIDÍAZ ON BASCUÑÁN: “A FEW MORE MINUTES AND COBRABA UNTIL THE … Read more

the prefectural decree imposing the wearing of a mask outside, challenged by the courts

The decree in question, which was valid until September 30, “immediately undermines the freedom to come and go and the personal freedom of people called to move” in the municipalities concerned, further points out the ordinance. court. FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP In the past twenty-four hours, 7,017 positive coronavirus tests and 26 deaths have been … Read more

Alternative has also challenged the results of the Riga City Council elections – Politika

The political party “Alternative” has submitted an application to the Central Election Commission (CEC) on Wednesday, contesting the results of the Riga City Council extraordinary elections, the chairman of the board of “Alternative” Valērijs Petrovs informed. In the party’s view, “very serious and serious irregularities in the conduct of the elections” were identified. In the … Read more

The “new deal” has challenged the results of the extraordinary elections

Jānis Kuzins, the leader of the “New Accord”, has indicated in his application to the CEC that the decision of the Riga City Election Commission to approve the results of the Riga City Council extraordinary elections is, in his opinion, illegal and should be revoked. Taking into account the detection of more than 600 unstamped … Read more

The Guardian app developer challenged an App Store rule, and he won

In the wake of WWDC, Apple announced two changes in its relationship with developers, which relate to applications that violate the guidelines from the App Store. The validation team will no longer block updates to the apps in question if they are simple fixes. The second change is more profound: developers who wish can challenge … Read more

StarDance star Radka Třeštíková challenged women: Don’t let it suck!

Participants in the StarDance dance competition spoke strongly of the issue of women’s disadvantage. She never encountered the problem herself and urged women not to let themselves be manipulated either. Třeštíková na social networks she said that she had never felt disadvantaged in her life simply because she was a woman, and never allowed anyone … Read more

“The Climb”: Independent American Cinema Sometimes Needs to Be Challenged

Michael Angelo Covino puts Friendship in pictures but with far too much rambling to be able to provoke empathy, emotion or even interest … Currently, “The Climb” is on the rise. Its author has marked festivals and is now recognized everywhere as a daring artist who broke the laws of the field / counter-field and … Read more

A favorable testimony to Johnny Depp challenged by a photo error

AFP, published on Thursday July 16, 2020 at 7:49 p.m. Johnny Depp chief of security admitted on Thursday that he had cheated and presented as his own a photo which had been tendered in the instruction which had in fact been provided to him by the lawyers of the star, during the defamation trial in … Read more

Foot PSG – PSG: Mbappé challenged by a star over 100 meters!

World decathlon star, Frenchman Kevin Mayer offers Kylian Mbappé to face him over 100 meters and thinks he can beat the PSG player. After his incredible goal against Argentina in 2018, Kylian Mbappé had broken a speed record during the match against Monaco in April 2019. Against his former club, the three-colored striker of Paris … Read more