“Problems Suriname by Bouterse much bigger than expected” | NOW

Suriname has a national debt of more than 2.5 billion euros and according to the new president Chan Santokhi, this is a “financial catastrophe”. How do they want to clean up this economic mess? We discuss it with journalist Roy Khemradj. In the afternoon podcast This will be the news we will update you on … Read more

Santokhi: ‘Bouterse left debt of 2.5 billion euros behind’ | NOW

Suriname has a total debt of more than 3 billion dollars (converted 2.5 billion euros). Surinam President Chan Santokhi announced this in a press conference on Monday, writes The True Time. Santokhi calls the debt a “financial catastrophe.” He argues that the government of former President Desi Bouterse has done everything to complicate the work … Read more

Santokhi: Time for a mature and healthy trade relationship with the Netherlands NOW

The new Surinamese president Chandrikapersad Santokhi wants to restore diplomatic ties with the Netherlands and build a mature trade relationship, he says in conversation with Friday News hour. Under former president Desi Bouterse, relations between the two countries have deteriorated sharply. In 2017, Bouterse decided that the Netherlands should not send an ambassador to Suriname. … Read more

Chan Santokhi installed during the ceremony as President of Suriname NOW

Chandrikapersad ‘Chan’ Santokhi, 61, was officially installed as President of Suriname on Thursday. He succeeds the controversial Desi Bouterse, who ruled the country for ten years. The ceremony took place in a tent on the Independence Square in Paramaribo. Outgoing President Bouterse formally transferred power and then put on the presidential sash at Santokhi. He … Read more