Chantal Janzen after Oh, what a year-round fuss: ‘Couldn’t say no’

In an interview with Televizier Chantal discusses the hassle. “When RTL approached me for the program, I couldn’t say no. It has everything I’ve ever been trained for: singing, dancing and acting,” said the former musical star. “It’s a wonderful thing to do.” When Linda de Mol made the switch to Talpa in early 2019, … Read more

Chantal Janzen: I could Oh, what a year! do not refuse | Entertainment

“When RTL approached me for the program, I couldn’t say no,” says Chantal On Televizier. “It has everything I’ve ever been trained for: singing, dancing and acting. That is wonderful to do. ” Painful It sits Linda not happy that Chantal takes over her program. On Show news she said in June: “It is painful … Read more

Chantal Janzen shares bikini photo with a funny twist

The presenter shares two bikini photos on Instagram. In the first one she poses herself in a red and white one. About that she says: “With suitcase packing stress in the background.” In the second picture we see a very muscular lady, but that is not Chantal. She jokes: ‘Greetings from us! Marco did not … Read more

Chantal shares an emotional message addressed to son James

Chantal shares a message on social media addressed to her son. Many a parent probably recognizes themselves in the text. She writes: ‘Monday you will enter your final year of primary school. How dare you. Growing up so fast. The rudeness. But okay, it happens. As long as I’m allowed to keep kissing and sniffing … Read more

Son Robert Doornbos and Chantal Bles had to go to hospital

Josh is doing much better now, but his parents were quite upset. “I’m so proud of my little friend,” Robert writes with a photo of his little boy, who has received a certificate of prowess. The former driver assures his followers that the boy is doing well and that he can ‘go home today’. Chantal’s … Read more

Chantal Janzen makes hilarious blunder on Instagram

Chantal and her family are currently enjoying a well-deserved holiday in France and although it is about 28 degrees there, her youngest at all costs wants to wear his Spider-Man costume with thick gloves and to finish it off also another helmet. Although the The Voicepresenter wants the best for him, refuses to listen. “Toddler … Read more