omar chaparro pok% C3% A9mon

Chaparro’s diverse talents can lead him down a variety of paths in an entertainment career. But the Mexican superstar is adding one more title to his repertoire: that of Pok√©mon Trainer. On his Twitter account, the actor posted: This game is called “Find the Chaparro”, unleashing hundreds of congratulations from fans, who applauded his foray … Read more

“Recovering from this bug”: Omar Chaparro spoke after his COVID-19 infection

Omar Chaparro spoke of his contagion of COVID-19 (IG: omarchaparro)Actor and comedian Omar Chaparro shared a message with his followers on Instagram to talk about his COVID-19 infection. Omar uploaded a photo to the social network in which he was seen comfortably leaning on his motorcycle. “Successfully recovering from this incisor bug”, wrote to accompany … Read more