Nodal is criticized by Pati Chapoy for controversial video with sister

Christian Nodal, famous regional mexican singer, remains mired in controversy after leaking an intimate conversation with Belinda. And it is that as a result of it, a video surfaced in which while dancing with her sister Amely, she touched one of her buttocks. Nevertheless, Although the young woman clarified the issue, the controversy continues. Pati … Read more

Prosecutor’s Office has already searched for Pati Chapoy for the woman who attacked her

The prosecution already contacted Party Chapoy to see if the founder of windowing wants to take some legal action against the woman who verbally assaulted her almost two weeks ago, when she was having coffee with Ernest Hernandez in a plaza in Mexico City. “The Prosecutor’s Office already wrote to her and a while ago, … Read more

Mauricio Martínez responds to Pati Chapoy for supporting Antonio Berumen

The actor Mauricio Martinez responds to Pati Chapoy through a letter that he published on social networks, where he questions the driver after having minimized it and having asked a national channel not to believe in him after his public complaint of having been a victim of sexual abuse. “To you, Pati, who yesterday with … Read more

Hernán Cortés, the first producer of “Ventaneando”: Escorpión Dorado meets Pati Chapoy

Windowing has been on the air for 25 years, which for him Golden Scorpion is definitely an eternity, or so he hinted when joking in front of the very Pati chapoy about what Hernan Cortes He was surely the first producer of the iconic and controversial show. It was during his participation in the Eliots … Read more

Pati Chapoy ‘launches’ against Maite Perroni and calls her ‘mam …’, El Siglo de Torreón

The owner of the program “Ventaneando”, Pati Chapoy, starred in a new controversy after insulting Maite Perroni during the program. This after the well-known host attacked the actress and former RBD after denying an interview to TV Azteca. Before his answer, Chapoy was upset and caused the spirits to heat up in full live broadcast … Read more

Pati Chapoy is violently threatened by a fan of Maite Perroni

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 08.10.2021 08:47:46 Pati chapoy, famous host and owner of Windowing, received a violent threat by a fan of Maite Perroni, former member of RBD, after the presenter launched a criticism for her alleged despotic behavior with TV Azteca and other media at the Platino Awards. Thus, ‘Ventaneando’ evidenced the show … Read more

“Better take care of your baby, silly”: Pati Chapoy went to the jugular with Inés Gómez Mont in 2011 (VIDEO)

Inés Gómez-Mont She has not stopped starring in the front pages of hard news and entertainment since it became known that the authorities are investigating her for the alleged crime of money laundering, but in the past, the former presenter of “Ventaneando” also made headlines when Pati chapoy I call her “tontita”In national chain. It … Read more

Pati Chapoy tunde to Ninel Conde: “he watered her” by marrying Larry Ramos | VIDEO

Once again, the host of the program Windowing, Pati chapoy became a topic of conversation on social media after launching strong comments against the marriage starring the actress, Ninel Conde and businessman, Larry Ramos. True to her style, the entertainment journalist sent a strong message to La Bombón Asesino and her controversial marriage with the … Read more