World War Z, Disgaea 4 and the last chapters of Tell me Why among the games that will join Xbox Game Pass in September

Another news that the change of the month leaves us is that the catalog of Xbox Game Pass it is updated with the incorporation of a new batch of video games. Thus Microsoft has announced what will be the new titles that will arrive during the first days of September. In total, there are ten … Read more

Fame: Why does Lucifer season 5 only have 8 chapters on Netflix?

“Lucifer”Is one of the most acclaimed series in streaming, whose fifth and penultimate season was released on Friday, August 21 by Netflix, with Michael Demiurgos, Lucifer’s twin brother, who is also played by Tom Ellis, as the big surprise. LOOK: Absolutely everything about the second part of the fifth season of “Lucifer” In principle, the … Read more