“We are enough”, an artistic journey in eight chapters in Paris

Works by Modou Dieng Yacine, which notably make up the “Renaissance” chapter of the “We are enough” contemporary art trail. SAID YILMAZ Aesthetic alterity, abundance of proposals and plurality of spaces. About 500 m2, the 193 Gallery and the Carole Kvasnevski gallery, in Paris, present “We are enough”, a journey in eight chapters bringing together … Read more

6 Diseases Marked by Bloody Chapters, the Most Severe is Cancer

CNN Indonesia Sunday, 26 Feb 2023 05:02 WIB Illustration. There are several diseases characterized by bloody bowel movements. (iStockphoto/Tharakorn) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Panic mixed with fear appeared when he saw blood in the toilet after defecate. Naturally, because blood that comes out with the stool can be a sign of a problem health. There are … Read more

The United States warned itself in China – Newspaper Kommersant No. 17 (7462) of 01/31/2023

America is discussing the possibility of a full-scale war with China. The reason was the revelation of the head of the US Air Force Air Mobility Command, Mike Minihan, who predicted a direct clash with China in 2025. The White House remains silent, but the hot topic was picked up by congressmen who called the … Read more

Miguel rescues Sofía when he sees her barefoot and helpless in ‘Cabo’

Rafael Novoa and Bárbara de Regil starred in this moment of your favorite soap opera For: Santiago Mobarak ENE. 10. 2023 Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add In “Cabo”, ‘Alejandro’ found ‘Sofía’ in bed as ‘Eduardo’ and mercilessly threw her out of the house without her things, in … Read more

One hundred years since the death of the great Hašek. In Lipnica, Švejka wrote, he just dictated the last chapters from his bedroom Company | News | Jihlavská Drbna

Today, exactly 100 years have passed since the death of the great Czech writer, columnist and journalist Jaroslav Hašek, author of the second most translated book in Czech literature, the famous Fates of the Good Soldier Švejk during the World War. Hašek lived part of his life in Vysočina, especially in Lipnice nad Sázavou, where … Read more

Carrying out new missions, writing new chapters and opening up new prospects with hard work and actual performance——Interview with Hangzhou Mayor Yao Gaoyuan-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

Taking up a new mission with hard work and actual performance, writing a new chapter and opening up a new situation——Interview with Yao Gaoyuan, Mayor of Hangzhou The second session of the 14th Municipal People’s Congress successfully concluded. Yesterday afternoon, Yao Gaoyuan, who had just been elected as the mayor of the Hangzhou Municipal People’s … Read more

David Ostrosky reveals that they detected a tumor in his arm

The actor broke the silence about his state of health By: Elizabeth González NOV. 07. 2022 Mezcalent David Ostrosky reveals what he is sick of Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add Just a few days after it became known that the interpreter of ‘Don Homero’ had had to … Read more

New chapters of Vivir del Cuento will arrive in December

Photo: RRSS Text: Hugo Leon Vivir del Cuento, one of the favorite programs on Cuban television, will premiere a new season next December, confirmed the artists and the series’ direction team in a video released on the social networks of Luis Silva, Pánfilo . The actor Marlon Pijuán, Isidoro in the humorous program, began the … Read more

The series that had three seasons, was canceled despite being a success and now Netflix revived with new chapters

The writer Stephen King, considered as the master of terror, could not sleep well. It is not that he is imagining new nightmares to bring to the screen of the old PC in which he writes his stories, but that he is looking forward to the new season of the series. Manifesta production that premiered … Read more

all chapters in detail

At last. Finally the time has come to enjoy Return to Monkey Islandthe new adventure of Guybrush Threepwood in which we will try (once again) to discover what is the secret of Monkey Island. You can expect many references to the first two games in the saga, and we can anticipate that it is one … Read more